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Late/Absence Procedures

It is a legal requirement that we report on children's attendance at school.   If we don't know why your child is not at school, your child will get an unauthorised absence mark. But, more importantly, we want to know that your child is safely accounted for.


Late Arrival

If your child arrives late to school they must be signed in at school reception.  Please do not go straight to class without signing in as once the registers have closed your child will be unaccounted for in the event of an emergency. We also need to register whether your child will be having a packed lunch or school dinner.  If your child arrives after 8:45 they will be marked as late, but if they arrive after 9am, it will count as an unauthorised absence.



If your child is going to be absent from school due to sickness you do need to let us know by no later than 9am on each day your child is going to be absent.


If your child is unwell, or if there is a reason why your child cannot attend school one day, please either telephone on 01233 812781 or email the school at, by no later than 9am each morning your child(ren) will be absent.