Lady Joanna Thornhill (Endowed) Primary School

Learning for the Head, Heart and Hand


This week we read the story of The Munch Bunch and wrote our own version. We enjoyed writing about the escape plan, the escape, and their new homes. We used a range of adjectives and feeling words to help the reader imagine the scene.  


We have enjoyed comparing and ordering numbers up to 100 using base 10, iPads and games. We also enjoyed making our e-books, this week, on the computers...we can’t wait to show you! In Geography, we had great fun finishing our 3D map of Lady Joanna and felt so proud to feature in the newsletter!


 We have linked our learning all together and thought about how this fits in with our Year 1 journey. We keep using adjectives in our work to make us more creative, and we now use more adventurous words in our writing, compared to when we started Hedgehogs class. We also know more about human and physical features and were able to find more around the school this term, compared to Term 3. This has helped us with our 3D map work too!