Lady Joanna Thornhill (Endowed) Primary School

Learning for the Head, Heart and Hand

24th March 2023

Hello Everyone,

This week we have been doing lots of practical learning about capacity and volume.  We have been measuring capacity with water and cubes and showing different volumes with water.


Our English work this week has been amazing.  We thought about a different version of the Wild Things story and acted it out.  From this we have written our own Wild Things story, adding really interesting and funny details.


In our Art lessons we have been exploring different media and using it to replicate the texture and pattern of animal skin and fur.  I think our favourite medium was pastels, especially smudging them!


On a serious note we have also been thinking about internet safety this week.  What should we do if we see something that frightens or worries us? Linked to our P.S.H.E., how do I keep my personal information safe?  We also thought about how people might not be what they appear to be on the internet and information might not always be correct.


This week during phonics we have learnt some new graphemes that have familiar sounds attached to them. 

ch (sh) in words such as chef and parachute

ch (c) in words such as school, chemist, echo and stomach


We have also practised reading longer words…

Celebrate, astronaut, playful, pudding, octopus, picture, adventure, creature, feature, amazing, successful, musical, triumphant, sweeping, shrieking, snowy, whispering, gigantic


We revised the following tricky words; 

through, because, eye, our, once, thought


The children’s new Little Wandle Ebooks have been posted onto their accounts.


Our marble challenge this week has been won by the Snowdrop team with a jaw dropping score of 57.  Well done to the other teams who did amazingly too!


Love from the Fox Class.