Lady Joanna Thornhill (Endowed) Primary School

Learning for the Head, Heart and Hand

3rd March 2023

Hello Everyone,

Everyone looked so fabulous today in their favourite book costumes for world book day. Thank you to all the Mummies and Daddies who put in such a lot of hard work.


Year 4 children came to our class this morning to read us stories, which we thoroughly enjoyed, thank you Kingfisher class.

We shared lots of other books today and we had a great assembly, with sippets from the teachers favourite books read out to us.


Dylan bought in a book he is writing which we read to the class, who knew we had an author in Fox class! 


This week during phonics we have learnt some new graphemes that have familiar sounds attached to them. 

tch (ch) in words such as catch, fetch, kitchen, itchy, match & patch

ture (ch)  in words such as adventure, picture, future, nature & creature

al (ar) in words such as calm, palm, half, calf & almond

a (ar - accent dependent some people may pronounce these words with an ‘a’ sound) in words such as father, nasty, mask, craft, ask & branching,


Our tricky words for this week are; 

because & eye.


This week in English we have been thinking of amazing verbs to describe how the wild things moved during the ‘rumpus’.  We thought of super adjectives to describe the wild things, how Max felt during the story and what his room looked like. 


During Maths we are continuing to count to 50, partitioning number into 10’s and 1’s and also finding one more or one less than a number under 50.


Sadly, due to illness, we missed our outdoor learning this week.  Fingers crossed for next week.  We will keep you posted. 


New Ebooks have been added to everyone's accounts today.  The Little Wandle book the children have been practising is in their book bags.  


Our marble challenge this week has been won by the Primrose team with huge score of 52.  Everyone had a bumper week with Snowdrops getting 51, Daffodils 49, Crosus’ 48 and Bluebells 37.  Brilliant work everyone. 


Have a great weekend

Love from the Fox Class.