Lady Joanna Thornhill (Endowed) Primary School

Learning for the Head, Heart and Hand



Week Ending 22.09.23

Yesterday, Helena brought in her shadow puppet show. She had made some wonderful stick puppets to tell her eco - adventure story about keeping the forest clean. There was Lavender the Fox and Bluebell the Hedgehog who were worried about the state of their home because the humans were dropping rubbish everywhere and the trees were being chopped down. Luckily a Genie Butterfly appeared and granted them their wish to help the humans to keep the forest clean and healthy. We all very much enjoyed her show and we were impressed with how well she used the puppets to tell her story. We all agreed with the moral of the story too. 

Week Ending 15.09.23

We've had another busy week of learning in Chaffinch class. 

We learnt how to write in the first person and we used this to write a postcard from Raindrop Bill to his friends describing his journey through the water cycle. 

We made some fabulous models of rivers together. Each group made a different part of the course and then we put then together to make the whole course. We had to know about features such the source, estuary and waterfall and then describe them. We were really proud of them and of our learning. Mrs Boden was pleased with how we  successfully collaborated!

Maths has been all about numbers to 1000. We have linked our understanding of place value in 2-digit numbers to help us to understand how to partition 3-digit numbers. 

In RE, we watched a film about a boy called Nathan and we thought about what his life is like as a Christian in Britain today. 

Unfortunately, we did not get to do our Yoga session because our usual space wasn't available but Mrs Boden and Mrs Porter will sort this out for next week. They will collaborate!!!! 

Week Ending 08.09.23

We've really got off to a flying start in Chaffinch! 

This week:

Reading - Flotsam is a wordless book but we can still 'read' it using the pictures. We learnt that flotsam is a word which describes objects which have been stranded (thank-you, Conner) on the beach by tide. 


English - Raindrop Bill! This is a story related to the water cycle. Raindrop Bill goes on a journey around the water cycle. He meets some fish on the way and sings them a song. We practiced re-telling the story as Raindrop Bill.


Yoga - We have learnt some poses. We think that yoga is good for our brains because it helps to clear our minds and it's good to stretch our bodies too. 


Maths has been all about place value. We know that numbers can use the same digits but in different places. For example both 61 and 16 use a 1 and a 6 but in 61 the 6 is the same as 6 tens but in 16 the 6 is the same as 6 ones. Do you know the value of 1 in both 16 and 61? 


We have learnt about the water cycle which is a way of describing how water moves around the world. We drew it and labelled a diagram with some big words!


On Monday we agreed a class charter which is linked to our three school rules. We use this to help us make the right choices and to work together as a team. We have made a lovely display.