Lady Joanna Thornhill (Endowed) Primary School

Learning for the Head, Heart and Hand


Our focus this week in Maths has been telling the time. We have looked at times showing hours, half past, quarter past, quarter to and we have identified 5 minute intervals.  We have also been challenging ourselves to learn our two times tables by answering 40 questions in 2 minutes, we are all determined to answer all of them. We are enjoying chanting our tables in class as this helps us to remember them.  


We have continued to read our 'One Plastic Bag' class book and are planning and writing up a poem based on the use of plastic in our world. We are also writing a script for a Ted-Ed video that will focus on informing people about pollution and the harm it does our planet. 


We are excited to be learning about Iron Age forts. in our Topic work this term. We already know that the most famous of the Iron Age forts is called Maiden Castle. We learnt that if you are on the fort hill you have a greater advantage over your enemy than if you were on the low land. People dug ditches out of the hill in order to set traps and to give themselves time to prepare for an enemy invasion. 


Science: We took advantage of the sunny weather this week and went out to measure the trees out in the field. We carefully measured around the trunk of the tree and divided the measurement by 2 in order to estimate the age of it. 


We are all looking forward to our Summer Fair this Saturday. 

Our Class Blog - Week Ending 10.06.22

We have started our learning this week in fun way!


In English we started a brand new book called 'One Plastic Bag' which we will use for reading practice too. On Wednesday we explored which materials were good for making bags and presented our research to the class. We discovered that paper and card were unsuitable because they would fall apart in the rain! Plastic was good for bags but is not biodegradable which was our new word for the week.


We learnt about an artist called William Morris. We learnt about his designs and the things that he made.  We found out that he couldn't draw birds so he asked his friend to help him! He wasn't just an artist; he was a poet too. He designed wallpapers and fabrics and Anna brought in a William Morris tea towel for show and tell. One of his designs is called the 'strawberry thief' which was on anna's tea towel. 


Miss Dodsworth taught us how to aim accurately in PE and we had a lively discussion about drugs with Miss Tonna in PSHE. We learnt about the positive and negative effects of drugs. 


We are working with Ms Weiss on a new approach to learning maths facts like doubles and times tables and we are really good at chanting!