Lady Joanna Thornhill (Endowed) Primary School

Learning for the Head, Heart and Hand




WEEK ENDING: 24.02.23


This week we have been tying up a few loose ends from term 3! 


As part of our Stone Age to Iron Age work, we made mammoths out of milk bottles. They look fantastic and we are looking forward to bring them home tomorrow. 


In maths, we have been measuring and solving word problems about perimeter before moving onto a new unit on fractions. 


We carried two investigations about soil from around the school. By mixing the soil with water and rolling it into balls and sausages and then breaking them apart, we found out that the the soil from the field is clay and that the soil from the school garden is loam. We also added water to the soil and let it settle so that we could see the different layers. 


We have started some new English learning about playscripts. We are studying the play of 'The Twits' and we are looking forward to performing some scenes later this term . 

End of Term Blog


We have had a DT week this week. We have discussed the seasonality of some food and that we import a lot of other food. We made season rhubarb crumbles and we tasted some imported fruit. Today we are making healthy savoury tarts. 


We have learnt muscles and bones in Science and we carried out an investigation to find out if people with the longest legs can jump the furthest. 


We have been learning about Antarctica. We found out about the landscape and who lives there. We plotted Shackleton's journey on a world map using four-point references. 


English - we have learnt about the features of playscripts and we wrote our own scenes about a prank which Mrs Twit could play on Mr Twit. 


Maths has been all about fractions. Adding and subtracting them and today we are going to be solving problems involving fractions. 

Term 3

Week Ending 03.02.23

We have started a new unit in maths; length and perimeter. We discussed standard units used for measuring distance which are: mm, cm, m and km. We practised measuring using cm. We are also calculating equivalent lengths in cm and m and mm and cm. 

We have almost completed our diary of 'A Stone Age Boy' and next week we will starting some instructional writing. 

In science, we conducted a comparative test to find out about the hardness of different rocks by scratching them with a finger nail, a steel nail and a 2p coin. We found out that igneous rocks are the hardest (with the exception of flint) and sedimentary rocks are the softest. Buildings are usually built using igneous rocks as they are longer lasting. 

We drew our own Stone Age drawings focusing on the lines. We used crumpled up brown paper and they look really effective on display. Lots of adults have complimented us on our terrific artwork!

Week Ending 27.01.23

We have almost finished our maths work about multiplication and division! Some of us have learnt about division with remainders and we have learnt to use multiplication when scaling.

PSHE lessons have been based around the important subject of mental health and how to maintain a healthy mental health. 

Our learning in RE has been about the Christian belief that God is light, love and the Father. 

We have learnt about an interesting place called Skara Brae which is a 5000 year old Stone Age settlement in the Orkney Isles. We will be working on a class cave painting tomorrow and today we have going to be developing a Stone Age dance! 

Week Ending 20.01.23

In maths, we have been using partitioning to divide a 2-digit number by a single digit number. In English, we are continuing to write our diaries of A Stone Age Boy and we are continuing to read Stone Girl, Bone Girl which is all about Mary Anning. We have been learning about the Stone Age in History. We know that it was a very long time ago and that the Stone Age is divided into three zones: Early, Middle and Late. We have been thinking about how Stone Age were made, what they were made from and what they were used for. Our Art work is all about cave paintings. 

Week Ending 13.01.23

We have been very busy rehearsing our assembly this week but we have managed to squeeze in lots of learning too! In maths, we have learning about related mathematical facts and using them to multiply 2-digit numbers by single digit numbers. We have just started reading two new story books; Stone Age Boy and Stone Girl Bone Girl. The second book is about a real life girl called Mary Anning. We know lots about the three types of rock. We are looking forward to showing you our assembly and some of us will be going to the disco too! 

Week Ending 06.01.23

Happy New Year! This week we have watched a hilarious video of Eric/Otter who lived for a day in the Stone Age. We are re-telling the story in our English lessons. We have been learning about our 8 times table. We have also been really busy preparing for our class assembly next week. We are doing all of the writing and making by ourselves! Some of us might have to bring in some home clothes for the assembly. We enjoyed learning how to play handball with Miss Dodsworth and we are looking forward to finding out about rocks, soils and fossils and investigating the Stone Age to Iron age in History. 





Week Ending 09.12.22

We have been reading an exciting book about the journey of a robin. It is called 'Coming Home' by Michael Morpurgo. In maths, we have been learning our 3 and 4 times tables. We have nearly finished our class reading book 'Treasure Island' and we hope that the crew find the treasure! Last week, we investigated which materials are magnetic and we found out that not all metals are magnetic. We learnt about the problem with plastic polluting our oceans and what we could do to prevent more plastic entering our seas. We have learnt the names of ten animals in French and we have investigated how Christmas is celebrated by using a religious and a sociological lens. Some people have already made their gonks and every morning we have opened another door on our advent calendar.  We found out how other countries celebrate Christmas. 

Class Blog Week Ending 30.09.2022

We named some things or places that are dark to help us to understand that darkness is the absence of light. We need light to see things. We have also been learning how to count up to 10 in Spanish as part of International Week and we learnt some Spanish greetings too. Elliot's mum comes from Spain and she told us about Spanish food and we made fans. We used our knowledge of place value to compare and to order 3-digit  numbers and to place them on a number line to 1000. We used a map of the UK to locate and name some major rivers of the UK. Last Friday,  we started recording who is a 5 star reader and the raffle; both of which we look forward to! Mrs Boden is reading the second Winklesea book at the end of each day. We look forward to that too! 

Class Blog Week Ending 16.09.22

We have been busy growing our brains this week! We have used 'Flotsam' to practise our inference skills. We used the clues in the book to describe the main character. We have thought about the journey of a river and found out that a river has three courses and that it changes as it flows to the sea. We have learnt about the differences between digital and non-digital devices. In maths, we have talked about place value and made 2-digit numbers with the diennes. Mrs Boden gets cross when we drop the diennes on the floor! Today, we counted in hundreds and learnt that 10 tens are the same as one hundred. We have learnt lots of new words to do with light, such as transparent, translucent, and opaque. We learnt that the moon is a reflector and it shines at night because is it reflecting light from the sun; it does not make it own light. In RE, we have been learning about Christians and what happens in a church during the week as well as on Sundays. Last week, we celebrated the Queen's life by learning about her and watching a video from the 2012 Olympics when she parachuted out of a plane!