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Term 2 - Week 2


We had a class discussion about we had learnt in the last two weeks. Miss Llewellyn was really happy that we had learnt so much and remembered something from most subjects. 



I have learnt more of the 4 and 6 times table. Faheema and Marcus 

I learnt how to draw bar models. Hunter 

I have learnt about Imperial Japan. Oscar 

I have learnt about Roman society; the patricians, the plebians and the slaves. Alanna 

I have read and enjoyed reading, the book, Zoo. Charlie 

I have learnt about Leonardo Da Vinci. Lilly 

I have learnt how to find the area by counting squares. Taha 

I have learnt how to write a diary. Georgie 

I have learnt about the States of Matter: Solids, liquids and gases. Freya and Cristian. 

I have learnt how to make music on PurpleMash. Megan and Brookes.  

I have learnt how to stay safe when gaming. Pippa 

I have learnt how to dribble and pass in Hockey. Bethany and Thomas 

I have learnt about Henry Ford and others who were involved in the invention of the car. Emanuel and Elijah.   

I have learnt that in the Roman times, children used wax tablet to write on. Harley 

I have learnt how to spell some year 4 spelling words like opposite. Charlotte 

I have learnt the meaning of point and patch in Gymnastics. Ava and Lyra 

I have learnt how to play the Ukulele. Emilia  

I have learnt more about Abba with Mr Connolly. Kirsten 

I have learnt that Henry Ford was the man who designed the first mass-produced car. Josh 

Term 1 Week 6 - Here is what the children have enjoyed learning this term....

Term 1 - Week 5

The camo run is coming up and we are very excited. Being parrots is fun! We are learning how to play the ukulele. In science we are learning about solids, liquids and gases. Recently it was mental health day and we had to wear yellow. It's been really fun about having new teachers especially Mrs. coxall. In English we read about the tin forest. In PSHE we have been learning about what is a safe place and what isn't. We are looking forward to Halloween.