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“I do not fear computers. I fear lack of them.”
Isaac Asimov



At Lady Joanna Thornhill Primary school, the computing curriculum is designed to teach children the value of using technology at home and at school to enhance their understanding of how technology impacts on their learning.



Computing is taught through:

  • Creating an exciting, engaging and inclusive curriculum.
  • Providing a wide range of activities covering all aspects of computing at an age-appropriate level deepening knowledge and furthering skills.
  • Ensuring there is good progress of skills and knowledge across the whole school.
  • Supporting children to become independent and safe users of technology.
  • Teaching children how technology is used in day-to-day life, making direct links with their life experiences.
  • Using digital ambassadors to maximize accessibility of all children from all backgrounds to the computing curriculum.



As a result, children are able to:

  • Be confident and discerning users of technology.
  • Apply computing skills to other areas of learning.
  • Have a clear understanding of on-line safety and know how it applies to themselves.
  • Use different forms of technology to enhance their learning in other areas.
  • Enable them to be curious independent learners.
  • Explain how their own key computing skills have progressed from year – to – year. (Self- evaluation)