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Creative Learning from Squirrel Class

Look at Gilbert's wonderful bugs - they are so creative. I am very impressed.

Brookes created a wonderful ladybird at home - well done Brookes, I love it.

Brookes has been finding out about house spiders! Well done Brookes!

Gilbert has been horse riding.

Emilia used powerpoint to write and illustrate her story! Well done Emilia!

Maisie made delicious honey biscuits - well done Maisie!

Super stories from Megan and Bethany

Ava's fabulous 'Bee Movie' sequel

Evan's fabulous 'Bee Movie' sequel

Emilia's wonderful story - well done Emilia!

Alanna's fabulous bee poster - well done Alanna

William's fabulous story!

Thomas has been doing lots of reading at home! Well done Thomas!

Lyra's wonderful story and poster - well done Lyra!

Emilia baked some honey biscuits and made a pretty positivity jar for our class zoom.

Brookes made a fabulous snake - how creative!

Maisie made some minibeasts from salt dough -well done Maisie!

Brookes made himself a clock to help him tell the time - well done Brookes

Elijah's fabulous bee story and positivity jar - well done Elijah!

Georgie created a game with his nerf gun to help him to tell the time - I love the use of a creative game to support learning. What a super idea!

Lilly made some delicious honey biscuits - well done Lilly!

Brookes' fabulous caterpillar story

Maisie's wonderful craft activity - well done! They are fabulous Maisie!

Lyra enjoyed playing dominoes to help her to tell the time - well done Lyra!

Lyra's amazing worm hotel - well done Lyra!

Taha also enjoyed the game of dominoes to help him to tell the time! - Well done Taha!

Freya's fabulous minibeast facts - well done Freya!

Lilly created a fabulous family tree - well done Lilly!

Our fabulous bug paintings from key worker school - we used finger painting to create them!

Brookes' fabulous story - well done Brookes!

Lyra's fabulous story - well done Lyra!

Taha's fabulous art work! Well done Taha!

Emilia's wonderful story! Well done Emilia!

William enjoyed learning to tell the time in a practical way - well done William!

Evan's fabulous bug painting! - Well done Evan!

Evan's snow day! It looks like so much fun!

Evan's fun snow day!

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Brookes had lots of fun in the snow!

Maisie had fun in the snow!

Pippa had lots of fun in the snow!

Ava had fun in the snow!

William's sledger-coaster and snowman! Great pictures!

Lilly had lots of fun in the snow!

Esme and Fraser had lots of fun in the snow!

A super snow angel Esme!

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Georgie's snow day! That cake looks absolutely delicious!

Evan's fabulous snowman!

Livia's fabulous snow day!

Fahema's fabulous snow day!

A huge well done to Maisie and her sister for their hard work for this fabulous book which thanks key workers! Well done girls!

Gilbert's fabulous snow day!

Gilbert's fun snow day!

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Gilbert's crystal making

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Our lovely keyworker children made these gorgeous Valentines Day cards!

Fahema's family and the Skipper family in the snow!

Look what Miss Ward found on her fence.... an 'ice duckling'. How lovely!

Georgie made ice marbles and these fabulous spiders! Well done Georgie!