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Creative Learning from Squirrel Class

Look at Gilbert's wonderful bugs - they are so creative. I am very impressed.

Brookes created a wonderful ladybird at home - well done Brookes, I love it.

Brookes has been finding out about house spiders! Well done Brookes!

Gilbert has been horse riding.

Emilia used powerpoint to write and illustrate her story! Well done Emilia!

Maisie made delicious honey biscuits - well done Maisie!

Super stories from Megan and Bethany

Ava's fabulous 'Bee Movie' sequel

Evan's fabulous 'Bee Movie' sequel

Emilia's wonderful story - well done Emilia!

Alanna's fabulous bee poster - well done Alanna

William's fabulous story!

Thomas has been doing lots of reading at home! Well done Thomas!

Lyra's wonderful story and poster - well done Lyra!