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English and Reading

This term our topic is Beachcombers.  We will be exploring this topic in a variety of ways and are looking forward to reading all your fantastic work.


Reading - We have found a few comprehension tasks for you to try.

We hope you continue to read as often as possible - remember you can read anything! If you enjoy reading it please carry on. We have also attached a book review template so if you'd like to tell us about your favourite books please fill it in and send it to us via our emails. 


Creative Writing - We will start the term by focusing on some key skills and reinforcing our knowledge of word classes. 

This week we are focusing on sentence structure - making sure all our sentences start with a capital letter and ending the sentence with the correct punctuation - i.e. . ! ?

We would also like you to try to include adjectives to describe the pictures.

Helpful hint - an adjective is a word which describes a noun. For example - The young boy played with a small blue spade.

Challenge - Try to included expanded noun phrases in you sentences. 


Extra Task - Topic Postcard Activity