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A reading comprehension for you to try

Newspaper articles

Gorilla Gardener activities:


You could:


 - Create your own newspaper article about another imaginary gardener.

 - Write an adventure story about Gorilla the Gardener.

 - Write a character description.

 - Write a wanted poster i.e. a new gardener is required at Buckingham Palace.

 - Write a job description (like we did for our castle topic) and film yourself at a job interview.

  - Write a to do list for a gardener using command sentences.


We look forward to seeing what you can do.

Once you have completed the word searches, you could either:


 - create mini (garden related) stories with the words.

 - write them in chalk in the garden.

 - create 'wordart' with the spellings.

 -play games using the words i.e. hangman with your families.

 - write them in water on surfaces i.e. on the shed etc or in shaving foam/flour/glitter etc.