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Foundation Subjects

Other subjects are just as important as Maths and English. Please encourage the children to continue or start art or DT projects, play games or complete puzzles and jigsaws.



The children could use Purple Mash which has coding, animation and online safety. It also has lots of other areas for the children to explore with a huge amount of games and activities.

The children's username: First name, surname initial e.g. KatrinaW

Password: this is usually a number. If you're not sure, please email your class teacher.


Children could learn computer programming skills at Blockly:


PE and Games 

Another youtube channel that has started which is doing PE lessons on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Joe Wick’s will hold free PE lessons on his YouTube Channel. Live classes will be 30 minutes and run between 9am and 5pm every weekday. The first is on Monday 23rd at 9am.

Any chance to get out and about (while socially distancing!) is so important for the children, both physically and for their wellbeing.


Other useful websites:


Duolingo - Learn Languages for free

Mystery Science -

Nature Detectives -

Geography Games -