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Franklin's Adventures

Hi Foxes, it's me, Franklin!


I hope you are all having fun at home with your families. I miss you all very much. I hope we will be back at school soon to have lots of Fox class fun together. There are still some homes I am yet to visit and I am very excited to come and stay!


I am being looked after by Miss Parton at her home and I am having lots of fun. She has a dog called Coco and we have become best pals!


I'm having lots of adventures. I'm doing lots of baking and going on long walks with Miss Parton and Coco. Best of all, I get to spend time in the garden in the sunshine!


When Miss Parton is working hard on her laptop, I sneak off and get up to mischief!


I wanted to share my adventures with you all!


Hopefully see you all soon but for now, you can follow my adventures online!


Lots of love, your pal Franklin Fox xxxx

I am having great fun with my new pal Coco! She's lots of fun, even if she does carry me around in her mouth!! (AAAHHHH)

I have been sunbathing today out in the garden! I made sure I put on my sun cream before heading out!

Today I went out on a bike ride! It was so great to feel the wind between my ears. Don't worry, I wore my helmet!

I have been feeding the birds in the garden and watching them from the window. They look very tasty.. *ahem* I mean lovely!

I've been playing hide and seek with Coco. It took a long time for her to find me up in this tree!

Miss Parton shared the last of her Easter chocolate with me this weekend - YUMMY!

I've been doing lots of reading! The Large Family is definitely one of my favourites! I'm going to ask Miss Parton to read it next Sunday for you all!

I've been having lots of cuddles with my pal Coco! Sometimes she dribbles when she sees me, I'm not sure why!

Enjoying an ice cream in the garden today!

Playing hide and seek with Coco!

Being tickled and having fun with my best pal!