Lady Joanna Thornhill (Endowed) Primary School

Learning for the Head, Heart and Hand

Friday 23rd June 2023

This week we have enjoyed more lovely weather, as well as the occasional shower, which made us happy as our sunflowers need lots of water to help them grow! We also enjoyed having playtime on the field. 


We loved learning about money this week! We have learnt what each coin looks like and its value. Our favourite part was finding the value of a group of coins, and we even challenged ourselves by calculating small change! 

In History this week, we continued to learn about Lady Joanna Thornhill, and her life, to help us answer our big question: Who was Lady Joanna Thornhill? This week we looked at similarities and differences between rich and poor people. We also learnt that Wye was a poor village, that didn’t have access to healthy, tasty food and didn’t have a school. We had lots of fun thinking about what support would be the most important and which would be the least important (food, nice clothes, a house for one family or a school). We played a game of ‘ABC’, which supports oracy, to run a debate within class. We enjoyed sharing whether we Agreed with an opinion a friend has shared, whether we wanted to Build upon something someone has shared or Challenge what a friend has said with a different opinion, with our new and exciting hand gestures. It was a great opportunity to share our ideas and consider the benefits of each of Lady Joanna’s options! Hedgehogs were very caring towards each other and demonstrated all the Lady J values throughout.  


Our big event was our favourite thing about this week: our class assembly! We were so proud of ourselves and, despite feeling a bit nervous and shy we all felt really resilient and tried our best! Summer poems has been one of our favourite pieces of learning this year, and we have had great fun using our creativity to write them! 


We hope you have a lovely weekend!