Lady Joanna Thornhill (Endowed) Primary School

Learning for the Head, Heart and Hand

Friday 30th June 2023

We have enjoyed another fun week of learning and have been very thankful for the cooler weather!


We enjoyed starting our time topic this week and have used a few songs to support us along the way, perhaps you could practise them at home!

Months of the year:

Lengths of each month:

We then applied our knowledge of dates, days and months to answer questions about a characters calendar. We were brilliant and picked it up very quickly!


In English this week we practised our Tricky Words to support our independent writing. Once we were confident, we put them into a sentence. Miss Hayward said that we have improved so, so much and that she is very proud! These are the tricky words we have focused on this week:

love, come, some, once, one, pull, put, full, push, said, was, there, they, where, was, were, your.


We also enjoyed completing our Geography unit, where we compared Shanghai to our local area. We have had so much fun learning about human and physical features in both locations, and then comparing them to see what is the same and what is different!


Have a lovely extended weekend and we will see you on Tuesday!