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Half Term

Happy Half Term, Year 5.


Whilst we are not doing an English and Maths timetable this week, we have put together some activities that you may like to have a go at, from Science activities, to geography and art based on our Unusual Beasts topic. Have a go if you like laugh


Have a wonderful half term all. Miss Major and Mrs Williams x



You could create a poster or information about the Importance of Water on our bodies. There is a flipchart with some information on or you could do your own research. There is a clip to watch too as well as a website with some facts. 



Have a look at the flipchart at the amazing animal images. Macro art, or photography, is extreme close ups! See if you can create your own.


Alternatively, look up some animals that live in the Amazon rainforest. Can you draw, paint, sketch, collage one of these? 



Complete a PowerPoint presentation on different habitats around the world.

Where would you find these habitats?

What are the conditions like?

What vegetation grows there?

What animals live there? 

Any interesting facts.



Following on from finding out all about the rainforests, find out about the risks of deforestation

Look at the flipchart and clip and then come up with a creative way of writing all about this. You could do a spider diagram, a poster, use the computer.


There is an extension task on the flipchart too - what can we do to stop or at least lessen the amount of deforestation?


Alternatively, pretend that you are a tribe living in the Amazon rainforest. Write a letter to explain why deforestation is bad for you and your family. What impact is it having? 


There is also an activity on the flipchart you could do: 

Look at the nine statements and decide which you would put at the most important and least important. You could do this with a family member and discuss your answers and thoughts. There is no right answer. All of the statements are important. 



Thank you Mrs Norris for this fantastic suggestion - creating a solar oven to make s'mores!