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16th April 2020


Welcome back to Term 5 (albeit a very different start to the term than we would all like!) 


We hope you had a lovely Easter break, however you decided to spend your time. From Thursday, when we should have been back at school, we will put up activities for you to follow again, should you want to. There is a new topic - Beast Creator - which you can find the topic grid for. We will continue to do a timetable of suggested activities for English and Maths from Monday (20th April). As always, please do as much or as little as fits with you and your family.


We hope that you are all keeping safe and well.

Mrs Williams and Miss Major x

3rd April 2020


Dear all, 

We've made it to Easter! I hope the last two weeks have gone well for everyone, with you all finding routines that work for you and your family.

We will not be setting any new work over the Easter break so you can have a proper Easter break, should you wish. Should anyone want to continue to do some structured work, please have a look at the resources on the different parts of the website.

We will upload Term 5 Week 1's resources closer to the time and will let you know when these appear.

Have a lovely Easter break.

Mrs Williams and Miss Major x

20th March 2020


Dear Year 5 parents, carers and children,


This is an incredibly difficult time for everyone and first and foremost, we hope that everyone is keeping as safe and well as they can. Due to the school closure on Monday, we know that many parents and children will want advice and activities for how to move forward. It is an anxious time as this is new for all of us. However, what we can confidently say is that your children have all been working hard throughout the year, and whenever we do get back to normality, we know that they will come back to Lady J and continue to work hard.


We will be putting information on the website for parents to follow. We have created a list of activities that will help with home learning. There is a suggested daily timetable, as many children will respond to a familiar routine. However, we are very aware that this is going to be new and experimental for everyone! Each family will need to find a way forward that works for both themselves and their children. We are definitely not here to tell you what to do; these are suggestions. This is a time of unprecedented stress and worry; there will be some days where nothing gets done. That's ok. Please be kind to yourselves.


If you are unsure about anything - please ask. Miss Major and I are more than happy to answer any queries. Some children will be incredibly excited about the prospect of home learning and be able to follow a set routine, similar to school. Others will flourish under a more fluid structure and they will enjoy the time to be even more creative and hands on.


Children should have logins for all suggested websites. If not, please email the class teacher and we will endeavour to solve this. Our emails are:


Similarly, if parents or children need support with some work or would like feedback/next steps or just a chat, then please get in contact. We are happy to help as much as possible.


Best wishes,

Mrs Williams and Miss Major


Please see the sub-pages below for weekly suggestions of work.