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Lovely messages and pictures from Squirrel Class during the social distancing time....

A fabulous picture of the Snail and the Whale from Thomas! Well done Thomas!

Dearest Squirrel Class


Attached is a letter that I sent home on Friday for you all. Please feel free to write to me and send me pictures as attachments so that I can upload them to this page.

I will miss you all very much and thank you so much for your kind words and fabulous presents, I was very touched.

Please remember that as we wait for change to come that:

I am still your teacher, I will ALWAYS be proud of you all and I am still here for you. You are all AMAZING!!

Stay happy and stay well!

Take care 

With lots of love 

Miss Ward x

A letter from Miss Ward

Another home learning challenge for you.

A thank you message from Mrs Harris x

A lovely letter from Elsie. Thank you Elsie x

Fabulous home learning from Henry!

Jessica's fabulous story - Thanks Jessica, we loved it.


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Thank you to Grace and Lottie for my fabulous emails yesterday. I read them when I got home and they put a huge smile on my face :)

Fleur's fabulous home learning - thank you Fleur

Ellijah's fabulous home learning

Henry's fabulous writing

Elsie's lovely pictures

Ujin's happiness perfume - a lovely video

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Elsie's fabulous 'Around the World' booklet.

Ujin has been so creative with her home learning tasks.

A message from Mrs Read.

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A message from Mrs Read. Miss Ward has now set up 'zoom' so please email her when you would like to arrange a 'class get together'.
Take care x

Thomas has been inspired by Peter Rabbit! Fabulous work Thomas!

Elsie's fabulous home learning tasks.

Elsie's Easter diary!

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Edward will be learning about the lifecycle of a butterfly!

Edward's caterpillars are growing!

An update from Edward..... Well done Edward!

Edward has now prepared the chrysalis and has removed the silk from them ready for hatching (sadly the video wouldn't upload)

Edward has released his butterflies!

Lottie and Grace have been gardening!

Lottie's fabulous picture of a 'Yellowhammer'.

Look at Grace and Lottie's colourful caterpillar! It is amazing!

Lottie won an art competition! Well done Lottie!

Grace's fabulous 'We love NHS' poster! Well done Grace!

Time for tea with Grace and Lottie!

Grace and Lottie working with 3D shapes! Well done girls!

Lottie and Grace's gorgeous baby chicks!

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Lottie's fabulous cat picture! Well done Lottie!

Eleanor's fabulous home learning

Eleanor's fabulous happiness perfume!

Eleanor's fabulous art work

Lots of lovely art work Eleanor!

Eleanor's edible slime!

Henry created a lovely diary for Sidney as a thank you for his message

Fabulous home learning from Emily and Darcy!

Henry's lovely picture following Mr Chantler's assembly!

Elsie's fabulous home learning - well done Elsie!

Elsie's fabulous VE cup design!

Elsie's fabulous Geography learning

Ujin's fabulous home learning

Ujin has been busy at home with some science experiments. Well done Ujin!

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Pihu's fabulous Easter writing!

Edward's fabulous garden inspired poem. Well done Edward!

Bethan is growing some sunfllowers.......

We look forward to seeing their progress....

Thea is enjoying our new history learning, well done Thea!

Logan's wonderful writing!

Ujin's fabulous planting experiences! Well done Ujin!

Florence's poem about love

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Florence created a wonderful poem about love. Perhaps you could create one too?

Nevan has created a wonderful comic strip. Well done Nevan!

Bethan's fabulous art work! Well done Bethan, I love it!

Bethan's fabulous chocolate bowls!

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An idea for you to try at home!

Bethan's fabulous chocolate bowls!

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These are so clever and they look delicious too!

Nevan's fabulous plants!

Nevan did some lovely home learning about plants!

Thea's lovely art work inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe. Well done Thea!

Henry found a snake in his garden! Wow!!

Thomas' fabulous home learning. Lots of VE Day learning, a sensory garden and his fabulous vegetable garden. I love his bouquet.

Ujin's fabulous volcano experiment!

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Logan has completed a wordsearch for you all to try! Thank you Logan!

Edward's fabulous story! Well done Edward!

Bethan's fabulous video! I love the sparkly jacket!! Well done Bethan!

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Bethan's A-Z of sea creatures! Well done Bethan!

Emily and Darcy's fabulous work! I love the Miss Ward pictures. Well done girls!

Eleanor's fabulous half term fun! The chocolate cup looks delicous!

Hugo has been enjoying his Pokémon book! Well done Hugo!

Nevan's capacity work! Well done Nevan!

Nevan's A-Z of sea creatures! Fabulous work Nevan!

Elsie's fabulous home learning project! Well done Elsie!

Elsie's fabulous home learning and trip to the beach!

Grace and Lottie's fabulous home learning.

Grace found out about her Granny's seaside holiday when she was younger! A great video Grace! Thank you.

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Henry's book review plus his 'hidden dock cake near the sea' made with icing, sugar cubes, sugar mixture, chocolate and vegetables! Well done Henry!

Emily has a gorgeous baby kitten called Koji. He is adorable. She has also made a positivity tree.

Thea's fabulous bug hotel! Well done Thea!

Violet's fabulous seaside picture. Well done Violet!

Elsie's fabulous day at the beach!

Lovely singing from Elsie - thank you Elsie X

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Thomas enjoyed watching 'Fish and Creatures of the Deep' episodes from David Attenborough's Life series - Well done Thomas!

Henry created a fabulous seaside poem. Well done Henry, I love it!!

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Logan found these shells at the beach (crab and mussel shells) - super pictures Logan!

Henry's fabulous seaside poem! Well done Henry!

Thomas completed a fabulous postcard from the Snail and the Whale! Well done Thomas and we miss you !