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“Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.”

Albert Einstein


Mathematics is as amazing as it is important. It is always devastating to hear of an adult speaking about the subject in fear, as it is potentially the most fascinating subject to study. We at Lady Joanna Thornhill firmly believe that instilling a positive attitude towards maths is a crucial part of children succeeding in the subject during and beyond their primary school years. As a result our school focusses on providing the children with engaging lessons where they are able to quickly become used to achieving successes independently and view maths as an enjoyable subject. Our teachers appreciate that all children are unique and that some learn most effectively in a very different way to others. They also understand, however, that a considered, flexible and enthusiastic approach to teaching the subject has a hugely positive impact on a child’s attitude and success.

Children of all ages need to be consistently challenged and stretched in order to maximise their potential and experience genuine satisfaction with their own performance. We believe that high expectations and an insistence in terms of standards provides children with the wonderful feeling of earning success and a work ethic that will sustain their performance at secondary school. Children are given a thorough grounding in mental mathematics and the four rules of number, as their speed and accuracy when performing calculations mentally is a hugely important part of securing solid foundations in the subject. We look to constantly deepen children’s understanding of concepts using a wide range of effective and appropriate apparatus and resources. A deep understanding of mathematical concepts is crucial if children are going to successfully enjoy and succeed in the problem solving aspects of the curriculum.


The professionalism of our staff encourages consistent reflection, sharing of expertise and a willingness to improve on past performances. We regularly monitor and review the progress that children make and ensure that carefully tailored interventions are made when appropriate. Mathematics lessons and children’s work books are regularly monitored by senior leaders with feedback being acted upon in order to further improve teaching and learning. Every single response that every single child makes during their end of year tests is analysed in order to carefully consider the teachers’ and children’s performances and how they can be built upon in the forthcoming year.


The entire primary curriculum is currently undergoing hugely significant changes and as always we are eager to adapt to them smoothly and effectively. Regardless of curriculum changes, however, our overall aims at Lady Joanna Thornhill will not change. We will continue to strive to maximise the potential of every single child who walks through the door and whilst doing so helping them to enjoy the wonderful subject that is mathematics.