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This week we will be reviewing our learning for addition - using a column method. 

We will be focusing on this learning in class if your child is returning to school this week - this will include similar tasks to those online and available on MyMaths and Mathletics. 

Games/ Activities - Family Fun 

Here are a few ideas/ games which you might enjoy playing with your child. 

1) Car number plate addition

Look outside and write down the numbers from car number plates. I.e. SW14EYH and UW65JWA. Add the numbers together 14+65.  Use a column method to calculate the answer. 

2) Rolling a Dice 

Roll a dice to create two 2-digit numbers. I.e. roll the dice 4 times 3, 4, 2, 1= 34 and 21. Add the numbers together and calculate the answers. 

3) Playing card shuffle.

Using a pack of playing cards (remember to take the face cards out) shuffle and select 4+ cards. The more cards you pick the trickier the question will be to solve. I.e. 8 + 10= 18  and  5+3+7 = 15, then add them together using a column method. You can start by creating 2 2-digit numbers without regrouping then move on to regrouping and larger numbers. 

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