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Maths Learning Week 1 and 2

This the next two weeks we will be focusing on multiplication as repeated addition. 

Tuesday 05.01.2021 - This is a review day for previous learning - using arrays. Your child would have used arrays in Year 1 so should be familiar with this as a concept. 

From 6.01.2021 -15.01.2021 the focus will be using repeated addition and multiplication 0 the children will be using repeated addition to support their knowledge of multiplication and starting to focus on learning their times tables. 


Reminder- Your child will need to learn their 2x, 5x and 10x tables this term before moving on the their 3x and 4x tables. 




Week 1 - Repeated Addition and Multiplication 
Week 2 -  Repeated Addition and Multiplication - Continued.

Thursday - Review Activity forr Repeated Addition and Multiplication

Top tip: With Thursday's task - there is an error on one of the questions. Can you spot it?


Online Learning

We have also added some online learning resources to PurpleMash, MyMaths and Mathletics for repeated addition and multiplication.

If you have issues printing resources or need additional resources these can be used to support your child.