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Maths - Week 5

This week we would like you to continue to review your shape knowledge. 

Below are a few activities and links for you to use but you can also be creative. 

Shape should be fun, please try the online activities but if you are finding them tricky please let us know - we are here to help. 

Alternative Task Ideas

 You could try some of these ideas as well: 

  • Bake shape biscuits and create a repeating pattern - fun and delicious:) 
  • Cut out pictures from magazines into different shapes and create a pattern/ pictures. 
  •  Create a shape treasure map and give directions/ instructions to someone in your family.
  •  Create a shape obstacle course - use different shaped objects around the home - then create a set of directions to get around the course! 


Remember to have fun and be creative!

You can also try out your own ideas and tasks - we always love to see your photos so keep sending them to myself and Miss Ward so we can post them on the sharing page.