Lady Joanna Thornhill (Endowed) Primary School

Learning for the Head, Heart and Hand


Puffin’s class blog! 22/09/2022

This week we have been enjoying our lacrosse lessons and some of our class were lucky to go to see the T20 women’s cricket match between England and India.

At the cricket match, there were activities for us to join in with. We got the chance to throw a ball and whoever bowled/threw it the fastest, won a backpack. The winner was from a different school though, but we all enjoyed having a go! One of the cricketers – Dani Wyatt- waved at us! We also got to go onto the big screen and we all waved like mad. India played really well and won the match! We got some autographs too! Keep an eye out for a big group photo!

Whilst the others were at the cricket match, we did Science. In Science we made mini boats out of Blu Tack and stuck them to the globe. We then spun the globe slowly to see what part of the ship we saw first. We were proving that Earth is spherical because we saw the tops of our boats first and if the Earth was flat, we would have seen the whole boat straight away.

We continued with our guitar lessons and learnt some new songs changing from one fret to another!

Puffin’s Class Blog 08/09/2022

Welcome back to school and what a great start it has been
We have started learning Lacrosse and we love it! We were the first class in the whole school to do this sport so we feel very lucky!
On Tuesday, we started our Science topic of Space. We started to learn about the order of the planets, we now know that the sun is a star and that the James Webb telescope uses infrared to see things in space that happened billions of years ago… it’s like time travel!
Some of us are really excited about our homework and can’t wait to get started!
In Geography, we located Wye on a map of the British Isles and learnt a rap about the British Isles and the UK!
We can’t wait for next week!