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School Closure/ Home Learning

Dear Year 2 parents, carers and children,


This is an incredibly difficult time for everyone and the wellbeing of our community remains a priority, we hope that everyone is keeping as safe and well. Due to the school closure on Friday 20th March, we know that many parents and children will want advice and activities for how to move forward. It is an anxious time as this is new for all of us so please be patient with us as we move forward.


 We have created a list of useful websites and activities that will help with home learning. We have included a suggested daily timetable, as many children respond well to a familiar routine. However, we are very aware that each family will need to find a way forward that works for both themselves and their children. We are definitely not here to tell you what to do; these are just suggestions and the expectation is that you will complete what you can, when you can. There will be some days where nothing gets done and that's ok. Please be kind to yourselves and look after your wellbeing first.


If you are unsure about anything - please ask. Miss Ward and I are more than happy to answer any queries. Some children will be incredibly excited about the prospect of home learning and be able to follow a set routine, similar to school. Others will flourish under a more fluid structure and they will enjoy the time to be even more creative and hands on.


Children should have logins for all suggested websites. If not, please email the class teacher and we will endeavour to solve this. Our emails are: k.ward


Similarly, if parents or children need support with some work or would like feedback/next steps or just a chat, then please get in contact. We are happy to help as much as possible.


Best wishes,

Miss Murphy and Miss Ward


Please note - More resources and activities will be added to the website over the coming days/ weeks.

Miss Ward sent some of your fabulous rainbows, NHS prescriptions and 'happiness perfumes' to her GP  and this was the lovely reply from her.

Fun Julia Donaldson activities

Term 4 - Tower, Tunnels and Turrets - Home Learning 

Dave the Dog letter- A way in which we will be using this resource with Miss Ward that you might like to try.

Our fabulous letters to Dave the Dog!

A fun home learning, feel good challenge set by Miss Ward and her cousin Ben Klick!

Dear Squirrels/Rabbits

As you all know, my cousin in Canada, Ben Klick is a country music artist. He has recently returned home from Nashville where he has been creating more fabulous music. On his return home he has needed to self-isolate and has just written a new song about it. I have attached the link for you all to listen to it.


As a challenge,  perhaps you could write your own 'positive' song/rap/poem about the situation that we find ourselves in to lift all of our spirits.

Maybe I could send your ideas to Ben for his next song...….. 

Take care of yourselves.

With love

Miss Ward x