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‘‘Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure Science.’’

Edwin Powell Hubble

‘’I have not failed. I have successfully discovered 10,000 things that won’t work.’’

Thomas Edison


At Lady J we are committed to fostering in children a sense of excitement and curiosity about natural phenomena in an increasingly challenging world, where Science plays a vital role in our future prosperity.



Science will be taught by:

Ensuring that children learn through a range of engaging, hands-on activities that reflect a broad, rich curriculum.

Encouraging both collaborative and independent learning.

Encouraging children to explore and perform practical investigative work and solve problems.

Carefully planning and assessing lessons so that children make progress without unnecessary repetition of activities or content.

Encouraging children to record their work in a variety of ways.

Differentiating where needed, so that all children to make progress in their learning.



Children will display high levels of engagement and enjoyment of Science.

Children will understand key scientific concepts and develop scientific skills including questioning and problem solving.

Children will understand the relevance of what it is they are learning.