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Week 1 - Animals Including Humans

This week we will be starting our new topic - Animals Including Humans. 

We will start by investigating how humans and some animals grow or change over time. 

Below are two PDF for this week and a task - we will be focusing on key questions about how humans and animals change or develop over time. 



Part 1 - Lesson 1 - The Human Life Cycle

Part 2 - Animals - How do animals change as they grow?

Task - How does a human/ an animal change as it grows?


 Look at photographs and talk to your family about how you have changes/ grown.   

 Write a chronological list/ timeline of all the significant things you have learnt to do at different ages -these are called milestone. Illustrate your lists with beautiful picture of your achievements. 


For example my daughter Erin learnt to walk when she was 11 months old. 


 Helpful hint- chronological means in the order they happened.