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Sex Education



At Lady Joanna Thornhill, we believe that effective RSE will allow pupils to make informed decisions about their lives.


Relationship and Sex education is the beginning of lifelong learning about physical, moral and emotional development. Pupils are taught about the importance of family units for bringing up of children. The school recognises the importance of strong and mutually supportive relationships. It does not promote any one form of relationship but ensures there is no stigmatism of children based on their home circumstances.




 Relationship and Sex education has three main elements:

  • Attitudes and values
  • Personal and social skills
  • Knowledge and understanding


Attitudes and Values

  • Learning the importance of values
  • Learning the value of family life and stable loving relationships for the nurture of children
  • Learning the value of respect, love and care
  • Exploring, considering and beginning to understand moral dilemmas
  • Developing critical thinking as part of decision making


Personal and Social Skills

  • Learning to manage emotions and relationships with confidence and sensitivity
  • Developing self-respect and empathy for others
  • Learning to make choices based on an understanding of differences with an absence of prejudice
  • Developing an appreciation of consequences of choices made
  • Managing conflict
  • Developing skills in personal relationships eg friendships, anti-bullying and building self-esteem, communication and assertiveness
  • Helping pupils protect themselves by affirming their rights, to be able to resist unwanted touch or advances and to talk about such matters openly


Knowledge and Understanding

  • Encouraging acceptance of physical and sexual development by providing appropriate vocabulary for all parts of the body and encouraging positive attitudes to all bodily functions
  • Generating an atmosphere where questions and discussion on sexual and physical matters can take place without embarrassment
  • Counteracting misleading myth and folklore and false assumptions of “normal” behaviour
  • To be aware of sources of adult help and support


The RSE policy has clear links with other school policies aimed at promoting pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development including the Equal Opportunity policy, the Health and Safety policy, the Inclusion policy, the Special educational Needs policy, the Drugs, PSHE and Citizenship policies, NSPCC resources (including assemblies and workshops for parents/carers and pupils) and the Behaviour policy.


Within the above, we aim to develop sex and relationship education in the context of a broad and balanced curriculum that is part of the framework of PSHE and Citizenship. Relationship and Sex  education will be fully integrated into the curriculum and not isolated, taken out of context or over-emphasised in any way.




  • Develop our pupils confidence in talking, listening and thinking about feelings and relationships
  • Support our pupils through their physical, emotional and moral development by providing them with clear information and opportunities to relate to wider considerations
  • Help our pupils to recognise risk and respond to this appropriately 

RSE Policy