Lady Joanna Thornhill (Endowed) Primary School

Learning for the Head, Heart and Hand



We are so happy to be back in school! In art, we have started to draw our own self-portraits.  We are using mirrors to help us.  In P.E, we have been doing lacrosse with Miss Dodsworth and will be doing netball this afternoon with Mrs Lloyd.  In English, we have been learning all about nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs.  We have created really interesting sentences using these.  In Geography we learnt a rap to help us remember the capital cities in the British Isles. Some children are looking forward to going to Canterbury Cricket Ground to watch a real match!



In English, we have stated our space fact file.  We will be finishing them this week.  We went onto the field to help our science learning.  We saw how far away the planets are in our solar system by mapping it out with our steps.  We made up a rap in topic about the different continents.  We are continuing our special cricket lessons with our cricket coach Harrison.  We have been particularly stretching our brains to find numbers to 1,000,000.



This week some children visited Canterbury Cricket Club and watched a game of cricket.  It was England Vs India and although England played really well,  India are currently in the lead.  In science, we learnt about the theory of the Earth being spherical.  This was thought about by a man called Aristotle.  He observed how the bottom of a boat disappears and wondered why.



We have started to read The Iron Man in English lessons.  So far, it's very mysterious.  During our maths lessons, we have had special visitors come to see our learning.  They were very impressed with our mathematical thinking!  We have had a very exciting maths week - we had a visit from Dr Sophie Carr who taught us about The Drake Equation.  Dr Sophie Carr loves to use other symbols instead of numbers and showed us how to do this.  As it's International Languages Week, we have been learning a German song and will be learning more German today.