Lady Joanna Thornhill (Endowed) Primary School

Learning for the Head, Heart and Hand

Term 1 Blogs

Hedgehog Class Weekly Blog 13th October 2022 


We enjoyed our phonics this week, and particularly enjoyed practicing our Tricky Word spellings using a pyramid structure and rainbow writing.


In English we have been learning a little bit more about Space. We have focused our learning on astronauts. We discovered that they go to the moon, in a rocket, and collect rocks to test them back on Earth. We also found out that the astronauts travel in a tiny rocket that is cold and cramped!


We have also shown a great understanding of comparing items and numbers, using greater than, less than and equal to. We have impressed all of the adults, including Mrs Foster!

Hedgehog Class Weekly Blog 29th September 2022


We have been really lucky this week, as we have had lots of different adults coming into school to teach us about their traditions and culture. We enjoyed having a special visitor who taught us about Malaysia and read the Mid-Autumn Festival story to us. She then showed us how to make 'moon cakes', and we were lucky to practice making them too- using playdoh! We really loved her lanterns too, they were made from paper and hand painted, we thought they were beautiful!


We have enjoyed taking our maths outside a lot more, working with natural materials to help us find one more and one less. We have also used our prior learning to represent these numbers on a 10 frame!


We have enjoyed this week and can't wait to see what we learn about next week!

Hedgehog Class Weekly Blog 22nd September 2022


We have had so much fun, in character, as Baby Bear! We flew to the moon, had a picnic and then had a go at writing a postcard, to Mummy Bear, to convince her where we had been! We used some fabulous adjectives and extended some of our writing using a conjunction 'and' or 'with'. 


In Computing we have been learning how to use a trackpad on a laptop. We found it really tricky, at first, but we showed lots of resilience and have developed this skill quickly. We enjoyed the online sorting game, which taught us how to 'click, drag, drop!'. 


We have all been working so hard this week and are, no doubt, deserving of a restful weekend! Enjoy, and we will see you on Monday! 

Hedgehog Class Weekly Blog 15th September 2022


We have enjoyed our second week in Year 1 and have been demonstrating our fantastic mathematic skills to Mrs Ward and Miss Hayward! We have been learning how to count accurately and represent objects using 10 frames. We worked so hard and were able to work with numbers up to 10 in a range of contexts!


In Art we have been mixing tonal shades. We learnt that we have to mix in a little bit of white paint to make colour lighter, and we can add a little bit of black paint. We used our skills, that we learnt last week, to mix secondary colours to experiment with!


 Have a lovely weekend, and we will see you on Monday.

Hedgehog Class Weekly Blog 8th September 2022 


It's our first week at school after our lovely summer break.  It has been very exciting to see friends we haven't seen for quite a long time catching up on all their news. It has been lovely to see all the children coming into school, happy to be here! 

We have been busily familiarising ourselves with our new classroom, teachers and routines, aiming really high to ensure we are doing these as best we can. We demonstrated to Ms Foster and Mrs Weiss our fantastic listening skills when we went to assembly for the first time, and we enjoyed coming together as a school. 

We have thought about our learning this week, and want to share with you all the exciting things we now know! 

“Technology is something man made that helps us do something” 

“We learnt how to mix primary colours to make secondary colours. Blue and yellow make green, blue and red make purple!” 

“We can now sort objects and shape by colour, size and shape!”   

We have all been working so hard this week and are, no doubt, deserving of a restful weekend! Enjoy, and we will see you on Monday!