Lady Joanna Thornhill (Endowed) Primary School

Learning for the Head, Heart and Hand

Term 2

Class Blog - Term 2



This week we have  started a new class book - Leonardo da Vinci's Life of Inventions by Jake Williams. 

We have learnt about Leonardo - where he was born, what he did as a young child and how he became famous. 


He had a very interesting life and was incredibly curious (which is our focus for this term).

Leonardo enjoyed painting, his most famous painting is probably The Mona Lisa, which we learnt was stolen.


Mila and Amelia told us 'he also enjoyed sketching horses, he had to be quick about it as they could run up to 70 km per hour.'

Elliott told us ' Leonardo was fascinated by horses and studied them'.


He was also a famous inventor - he invented the mechanical bat, helicopter, diving suit and many more.

Duncan told us ' He was the first person to invent an armoured car.'


Audra and Chloe stated that 'Leonardo studies human anatomy which helped him to draw humans.'

Rosa added 'Leonardo studied the insides of people - Yuck! 


We are looking forward to learning more about Leonardo. 



Class Blog - 16.11.2023


This week in Maths we have been taking part in the TTRS - England Rocks competition. 


All the children have taken part and spend some of their maths lessons completing a variety of TTRS activities. 


Parrot Class have enjoyed 


Raghav - 'I've enjoyed studio sessions.'

Nye - 'I like the garage activities.' 

Thomas - 'I like sound check!'


We are great at times tables!