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Term 6

UPDATE - 22/06/2020


Dear Puffins and Swifts,


The timetable until the end of the term has now been published, which means you should know which days you are going into school, if at all. Firstly, if you do not know if you are in bubble A or B, please contact either myself or Miss Major. 


Secondly, in regards to home learning, we know that there will be some of you going in on Friday (26/06/20), some of you going into school on Monday (29/06/20) and some of you not going in at all. Therefore, we have made the decision to continue home learning exactly as before. There will still be a timetable for the whole week. If your bubble are going into school and you therefore cannot complete a day of home learning, that is absolutely fine. As we have said all along, complete what you can! If you can complete it as well, brilliant, but this will not be expected.


If you are going into school - have a wonderful time! Enjoy seeing your friends again, from a distance, and a return to school. Puffins, be brilliant for the person teaching you (I know you will be) and I'll miss not being there with you. Swifts, enjoy seeing Miss Major again. 


Mrs Williams and Miss Major x

Dear Puffins and Swifts,


We can't believe we are moving into Term 6. In seven weeks, you will have completed Year 5! This has been the strangest year Miss Major and I have ever taught and I'm sure the strangest year of your schooling. 


We obviously don't know how long Year 5 will be at home for this term. Even when Year 5 can go back to school, it will look incredibly different: only seeing some of your classmates and classrooms set up differently too. Some of you who won't go back until after the summer holidays. There is much uncertainty but if you want to ask Miss Major or myself anything, please do. We will continue as normal with home learning. Every week there will be a new timetable of work to complete at home. 


We know you have been home an awfully long time; it is hard to keep pushing and motivating yourself as well as trying your best when you're not surrounded by your friends (and have a teacher that keeps nagging you laugh) BUT keep going!! You're all doing amazingly. Miss Major and I are so proud of each and every one of you. The work we receive makes us so happy and feel very lucky to be your teachers!


Remember to keep in touch - we are only an email or Zoom call away.

Miss Major and Mrs Williams x