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Topic work

PSHE Work: This week in school, we will be sharing this uplifting text about positivity. The key worker children will already be familiar with it but it is a lovely story to use to help us discuss how we have been coping during the lockdown period and how tough times can make us all more resilient. The rainbow has become a wonderful symbol of hope and optimism during this time and this story has been written as a source of comfort and light to children and families.

PSHE Activity - We will be completing this activity in school this week for those who will be attending.

PSHE/Art: You might also like to try using your quote/mantra to complete a piece of art.


For Topic this week we would like you to visit a beach/  complete a virtual tour of St. Ives.

The suggested task for this week is sorting natural and man-made objects which you'd find at the beach. If your child is attending class this week they will be completing a craft activity linked with this task.