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Summer Term 2 Week 1 

This week we spent a lot of time outside in our learning which was great! We were excited to learn all of the different parts of a plant and discover the purpose of each  part We loved taking part in our 3D Big art project where we made  giant trees and plants out of a range of materials as you can see from the photos.. We also learnt all about trees. It was fun to go out on the field and see how many we could identify. Some of the trees we saw were Oak, Beech,  Sycamore, Rowan and Holly. The final thing we looked at was seeing if we could estimate the age of the tree by measuring the girth of the tree . It was a bit hard to work out how tall they were!


In Maths we have been doing some geometry using position and direction. We enjoyed practising using the words forwards, backwards, above, below, left and right to describe where objects were. We found it really challenging sometimes to remember left and right but we used resilience to help us with this. We also enjoyed rotating shapes through quarter, half and three quarter turns.


Our teachers are very proud of our fantastic attitude to learning when we read our 20 real and 20 nonsense words in our Phonic Screeners this week. We did so well spotting all the split digraphs in words!

Summer Term 1 Week 6


Year One have had a fantastic week of learning which was enjoyed by all!


Thursday was DT day and also a day to practice our collaboration skills. The children demonstrated all of the Lady J values, in some form or another, with collaboration, resilience and curiosity being at the forefront of their day! They enjoyed getting their hands messy, using a range of materials (including Modroc) to create their own flower sculpture!


On Friday we also enjoyed celebrating the Queen's Jubilee. The children looked fantastic in their themed dress and all contributed to a sea of red, white and blue when the school came together for a song over the shared lunch on the playground in the sunshine! They made and decorated crown biscuits, had a go at drawing the Jubilee Rose and also tried to find as many ways of making the number 70!


We have really enjoyed this term and look forward to our final term with the current Foxes and Hedgehogs!

Have an amazing break!

Summer Term 1 Week 5


The children have been working so hard this week and have shown us how well they understand, and work with, fractions! We have been looking at 'half' in a range of contexts, including: halving shapes, objects, groups and numbers! They concluded the week with an investigation task where they investigated how many different ways they could represent half on a gridded rectangle!


The children have also been enjoying Science and continue to monitor their sunflowers and potatoes that they are growing in school! They also enjoyed a wild flower hunt and used their knowledge to identify wild flowers in the school grounds and local area!


Have a lovely weekend!

Summer Term 1 Week 4


We were so proud of the children during their visit to the church. Their behaviour was exceptional and they have continued to ask many curious questions throughout the week. Please browse the photos we have uploaded. Thank you so much to the parents that accompanied us, without you we would not have been able to go. 


The children are now fully immersed in our focus fairy tale 'Rumplestiltskin' and have enjoyed acting out the story. They have also produced some wonderful writing.


We are busily preparing the children for the national Year One Phonics Screener assessments which takes place during the first week of Term 6. The children are  working very hard and are amazing digraph spotters. This is the focus for their home learning this weekend. Please allow your child to share heir learning with you.


Summer Term Week 3


This week we have immersed ourselves into the land of Fairy tales. We have entered into the role of different characters and even had a go at writing our own riddles! The children were absolutely amazing at this genre of writing. Our history learning has been the real highlight of the week. It was so lovely to see the children so immersed and engrossed in their learning. Our historical enquiry question, 'How has communication changed over time?" really sparked the children's imaginations as they became code breakers! The children have worked so hard in maths mastering 'arrays'.

Summer Term 1- Week 2


This week seems to have flown by in a flash!


Year One have continued to write about our focus text: 'The Leopards Drum' and have started to rewrite the story themselves! We have seen some fantastic use of speech marks and question marks, which the children have noticed when re-reading their work to a friend. These opportunities have shown how well the children are understanding prosody and even applying it to their own work!


In Maths we have started to look at multiplication and division, starting with making equal groups. Not only have they shown their understanding of the skill, but many are moving on to write their own addition sentence to accompany their groupings, independently! They've really aimed high this week!


We hope you all enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend and take time to enjoy being outside, since the weather is meant to be good! We look forward to seeing you, back in school, on Tuesday!

Summer Term 1- Week 1


This week the children have returned to school with a spring in their step and such an eagerness to learn! We can't believe that we are already in the penultimate term of this academic year!


The children enjoyed reading our new text for the next few weeks: 'The Leopard's Drum'. It is a wonderful West African story, filled with animals, and the children have had so much fun creating puppets to retell the story! Their written work shows how much they have progressed, since they began Year 1, with an array of fantastic descriptions of both Osebo's appearance and character!


In art we have started our project which focuses on observational drawings of flowers and the artist Georgia O'Keeffe. The children produced amazing pieces and have demonstrated their resilience and focus through their art!


We are so excited for some warmer, brighter weather this term and the learning ahead!

Spring Term 2- Week 3


The children have demonstrated the values of Lady J so tremendously this week, through our Spring Extravaganza rehearsals and final performance! They performed so well and have enjoyed showcasing their work and efforts with you this week!

Well done Year 1!


When we haven't been practicing for our play, we have enjoyed immersing ourselves into 'Where the Wild Things Are', by creating collages for Max and The Wild Things. They have also enjoyed experimenting with a range of materials to create props from the story! We had some amazing masks and boats as a result. 


The children have shown lots of resilience in Maths this week too! They have learnt how to measure accurately and compare different lengths. Maybe you could ask your child what it means to 'mind the gap' when using a ruler, and see if they can share their learning with you!


We are incredibly proud of the children and their efforts this week!

Have a lovely weekend and thank you for being such a wonderful audience!

Spring Term 2- Week 2


The children have had lots of fun this week, exploring Where the Wild Things Are more, through their writing, and celebrating World Book Day in their fantastic costumes! It was brilliant to see them all dressed up and showing curiosity about the characters that their friends were dressed as!


We enjoyed practicing phonics outside this week, at Forest School! The children collaborated with a partner to find different words around the outdoor area, with a focus on their spellings this week! The children demonstrated collaboration and their ability to be compassionate towards their friends, if and when they struggled a little.


We also enjoyed learning about height and length in Maths! The children demonstrated their understanding of the topic, using key vocabulary (longer, shorter, taller, tallest), in a variety of contexts!


Great work, Year 1!


Have a lovely weekend.

Spring Term 2- Week 1


It has been a lovely first week of term, welcoming back the children, who were all very eager to share their experiences of Storm Eunice and begin our new topic of Paws, Claws and Whiskers!


This week, Foxes and Hedgehogs have enjoyed immersing themselves into the world of 'Where the Wild Things Are'. We have seen some fantastic acting and super sentences within English this week and it is fantastic to see so many children using adjectives within their work to make their writing more interesting!


We have also enjoyed learning about the human body this week, after starting our new science topic of Animals including Humans. The children had lots of fun drawing around their friend and labeling the different parts of the body that they knew- we even had an oesophagus and lungs labelled, we were very impressed!


Well done to Year 1 this week for being so resilient and for coming back to school, ready to learn!


Have a lovely weekend!

Spring Term 1- Week 6


We have had such a fun week in Year 1, showing our school values of curiosity and collaboration during Science Week! 


The children had great fun exploring the science behind rainbows and had a go at creating their own 'foaming rainbow' using food colouring, bicarbonate of soda and vinegar! The children enjoyed learning about the acid and alkaline reaction that occurred to make it foam. They also 'grew their own rainbows' using kitchen roll, pens and water amongst many other fun activities.


They have also enjoyed learning about 'The Big Bird Watch' and enjoyed going bird watching in the field and making bird feeders!


Finally, they spent an afternoon learning about magnetic materials and magnets! They used their learning to create a magnetic game which many linked to their English text: Lost in the Museum!


We have had a fantastic term filled with learning, fun experiences and collaborative learning and they have all demonstrated lots of resilience too! We are all very proud of them!


Have a fun filled and relaxing half term break!

We look forward to welcoming you all back for Term 4!

Spring Term 1- Week 5


We have had such a fun week in Year 1!


On Tuesday, we had a special visitor come in to speak to us about the Chinese New Year. The children were able to hear first hand about the traditions, as well as the stories behind them. They then got the chance to explore the different artefacts and even have a go at making their own 'Fu' symbols for good luck. The children loved using the ink and traditional Chinese writing brushes to make them!


The children have also had lots of fun designing, creating and evaluating their own self portraits which they made using Lego in DT! They loved exploring the different bricks and finding which would be most suitable for their design. We had some very creative designs and enjoyed watching the children collaborating so beautifully when finding the Lego they required! Many thanks, again, for sending in the base plates to help us facilitate this activity!


We can't believe how quickly this term has gone and how well the children have done worked since returning after Christmas. We look forward to our final week of term, which is going to be filled with lots of fun activities based around Science!


Have a restful weekend!



Spring Term 1- Week 4


This week the children have been working really hard in Maths and have shown some brilliant resilience towards their activities. They have continued to develop their understanding of fact families and have shown their understanding of them through written sums!


History prompted lots of curious questions and thinking this week too. They have been exploring Victorian toys, how they were used and what materials they were made from- leading to some very interesting discussions!


Finally, the children completed their Non-Fiction unit of learning this week. We have been so proud of the work they have produced and their understanding of these types of texts!

We definitely have some toy experts on our hands!

Have a lovely weekend!

Spring Term 1- Week 3


We have enjoyed another week at school, exploring colours and the great outdoors!


This week the children enjoyed learning about Andy Warhol, his Pop Art paintings and techniques. They then had a go at creating their own, adding a lovely new splash of colour to our classrooms! Lots of fun was had by all, especially when it came to printing with their hands!


Year 1 also enjoyed yet another Outdoor Learning session this week, where they used natural materials to partition numbers into part-whole models. There was some fantastic collaboration happening and it was a great opportunity to consolidate our number bond knowledge. As a treat, they then created swords and magical wands...Miss Hayward was turned into a frog, crocodile and a dog, on many occasions!


Spring Term 1- Week 2


The children have had a fantastic week, this week, and it has been lovely to see their love and enthusiasm for learning continue to grow.

Year 1 enjoyed an Outdoor Learning session this week, where they used objects from the natural environment to make music! We had some very imaginative instruments and lots of curious questions about different plants and objects they found!

In English, they also had the opportunity to play and learn about a game called Marbles! They have used their experience to write a great set of instructions, to help others play the game, and today they produced their own fact page about marbles too.


We all 'Aimed High' this week!