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WHOLE SCHOOL 2019/2020

Dear all,


Please reply (using the subject line) to the following questions.


  • ​What Yr Group and Class is your child in?
  • Where will you be picking them up from?
  • If they have a child minder on which days will they be with them.
Please reply to



  • S​hould you have more than one child, please fill in a separate email for each of them.
  • If you have to change details at any time please email 
  • Remember if you have more than one child we recommend picking up from the school.
  •  We recommend that Y5 and Y6 children who live in Wye should walk home.


Please refer to my letters of 18th and 25th August.

Many thanks,



Dear parents and carers,

One of our Key Worker parents has had a positive COVID Test result. She has no symptoms and the test came about as a result of a random sampling. The children were in the YrR-4 Key Worker Bubble. Track and Trace have contacted the parent and her children are being tested. We will inform you of the outcome. Many thanks Phil Chantler.




Dear Parent/Carer,


Please find below a reminder of the bubbles that will be able to attend school on the last week of term (Mon 20th July - Wed 22nd July).

Mon 20th July
Rabbit A
Squirrel A
Kingfisher A
Parrot A
Tues 21st July
Rabbit B
Squirrel B
Kingfisher B
Parrot B
Wed 22nd July (last day of term)
Woodpeckers A & B
Wagtails A & B
In addition to the above, Keyworker bubbles will still be held for children needing to attend school where necessary.
Kind regards.
School Office


Dear Staff, Parents and Carers


Comet Neowise is visible this week as it passes 64 million miles from Earth!  Find the Plough by looking NNW anytime from 10pm.  From the bottom of the Plough head about half way down towards the horizon.  The comet appears as a white ball heading downwards with its tail flowing behind.  It is heading off into the universe in a long orbit returning in about 6800 years time.


Please do take a look if you get the opportunity.


Kind regards.


Phil Chantler




Dear Key Workers,


We wanted to let you know at the earliest possible moment that, as things stand, we will not be providing cover for key Workers over the summer holidays.  It has been a privilege working with your children over the last three months and has made each and every staff member proud of the fact that we can, like yourselves, contribute to the community wide effort to improve health outcomes for the greater good of that community.


It is vitally important that our staff, who have been tireless in their efforts, get some rest and relaxation before we start again in September.


On a personal note it has been a wonderful experience getting to know so many of you during this time. We have shared low and high moments together and I know that I speak on behalf of all staff when I say that your support has kept us going.


With the very warmest wishes to you all, Phil Chantler

Dear Parents/Carers and Staff


Please STOP when prompted to do so in the Village Hall Car Park (there are clear markings).  This must be adhered to at all times in the interest of safety.


Kind regards.


Phil Chantler


STOP signage - Village Hall Car Park



Dear Key Worker Parents,


Since my communication yesterday events have moved on rapidly. We have managed exceptionally well to this point with staffing. From the outset we have managed shortages that have resulted from shielding. We are now dealing with staffing issues due to Track and Trace.


As a consequence a three way split of key workers, which has been required on three occasions since 1st June is increasingly hard to manage. Couple this issue with the increasing difficulty of maintaining the integrity of our bubbles and we find ourselves forced into asking you to make a difficult choice.


Please will you let us know whether you would like you child to be in either a Key Worker Bubble or Class Bubble by the end of tomorrow 23rd June. Reply to with Your child's name, class  and 'Keyworker' or 'Class Bubble' in the subject line.


We will continue to provide places for key worker children until, at least, the end of the term and appreciate the role that each and every one of you is playing in supporting our communities.


I am genuinely gutted that this decision could prevent your children from seeing their classmates. However, we are left with no choice if we are to continue managing risk as effectively as we possibly can. It is worth noting that many close friendships have been forged in the key worker groups between children from different classes.


Thank you for your efforts and your understanding, ​




Phil Chantler

Letter from Chair of Governors, Mrs Rachel Chan


12th June 2020 - Update email to Years R, 1 & 6

School Crossing Patrol Returns Friday, 12th June 20

8th June 2020


Dear Year Five and Six Key Worker Families,


The use of the Village Hall since Monday 1st June has helped us to manage risk. As part of our ongoing risk assessment we have made the decision to move Year Five and Six pupils out of the Village Hall. As from 9th June they will use the ICT suite as their base and the Year Two toilets. This group is typically of six to eight children. Tomorrow they will be supervised by Laura Murphy using the timetable that was prepared as if they were in the Village Hall. Lunch breaks will be supervised by Richard Pomfrett and myself. Drop off times will be the same as you have had before. Your child can access the school site via the quiet area and will be directed from there.


Many thanks for your understanding. Please contact Mr Chantler tomorrow if you have any queries. A full programme for their support will be sent to you tomorrow.




Phil Chantler  ​






Dear school community,

The expansion in our pupil numbers, since Monday, has been a success. As planned, we steadily increased numbers through the week peaking on Thursday with 90 children from our Key Worker group, Reception, Year One and Year Six. With lower numbers today, 39, we have an opportunity to take stock and release our plan for the forthcoming fortnight.
Before we do this an important point. It is unlikely that any schools in England will open up to Years Two to Five until after the review of the lockdown on 25th June. It is, however likely that we will know a little about Government intentions before that date. The upshot of this fact is that we will only have our Key Worker group, Reception, Year One and Year Six​ until the 26th June. This does allow for three weeks of stability.
We have reviewed our Risk Assessment (this will be uploaded to the website today) throughout the week and refined our processes. Whilst we have always known that social distancing for children is challenging we have some observations to make. Whilst it may have been expected that our year six children would 'get' social distancing and were at least as good as the shoppers in the Co-Op, the younger children weren't that different either. Close encounters did inevitably occur but these were mainly on the playgrounds. Long story short - you have trained your children well! Thank you.
Secondly, drop off and pick ups have gone smoothly. However, we are still concerned about the risk from vehicles both on Bridge Street and in the car park. The number of cars accessing the car park will increase from Monday as WyeUnderFives will be reopening. 
Some basic actions that can be taken to minimise risk:
a) Please drive slowly through the car park. 
b) Park in such a way that reversing is not needed whenever possible.
c) Try to keep to agreed timings.
d) If walking through the car park keep to the perimeters (there is a path at the 'outer boundary' of the car-park on the field side) and use the zebra crossings. Instruct your children to do the same.
It is has been amazing welcoming back so many additional children and seeing faces that we have not seen for months in the car park. As always, your support has been amazing. This communication is an opportunity to pass on your thanks to our staff for the incredible efforts that they have made to ensure that this week has been another success. It is equally a chance for us to say an enormous thanks for the terrific job that you do in keeping your children safe and for your adherence to the rules and regulations that have provided reassurance to all in the last week.
Finally, for those parents of children from Years Two - Five. If things do go to plan and there is a further expansion we will do what we can to prioritise your children's years. We appreciate that this must be a very frustrating time for you.​


Kind Regards,

Phil Chantler







Stationery & School Uniform Information

Letter to Lady J Community from Phil Chanter 30-5-20



Wednesday 27th May 2020

Dear parents and carers,
Rachel Chan (Chair of Governors) and Hannah Rowe (Safeguarding Governor) have visited the school this afternoon. It was good to show them the physical measures that we are taking to manage risk for returning pupils and to discuss our Risk Assessment. Rachel will be in contact with you in due course. In addition to the school site, we will be using the Village Hall to accommodate Key Worker children (for the first fortnight at least) to help maintain the integrity of the bubbles.
We will shortly be sending a message to all Reception, Year One and Year Six parents. This will indicate which group that they will be with and on which days. Further communications will be sent home relating to drop off and pick up arrangements and, for example, what items from home that children will be permitted to bring in.  If you do need a reminder of which groups will be in on each day, please refer to the document above, Expansion of pupil number, Message 3 for details.
Two social stories, that will read like assemblies, will be sent home tomorrow that will describe to children how the school will look upon their return and try to allay some of their fears. From conversations with parents there is no doubt that concerns regarding health are, understandably, defining the realities of many children, and indeed adults. The message I want to give is that we can manage risk through our actions without these actions becoming obsessive.
Our teachers have tried very hard to arrange children in such a way that friendships groups are maintained, looking for siblings links and balancing gender ratios in order to ease social distancing measures around toileting. We hope you can appreciate that choices have been tough and made in good faith.
Please let us know about your intention to come to school only if that intention has changed from the previous survey.  If you do wish to contact us regarding this, please send emails to
A return to school for those children who have not been here for weeks will be a bittersweet experience for our whole community. These tentative first steps are a reminder that things are improving. 
As always the very best wishes to our whole community and a big thanks for the way that you are pulling together.
Yours, Phil Chantler


Phil Chantler
Dear Parents and Carers,
Thank you so much for your rapid response to the question of whether you would be sending your child to school in June. Obviously, your response is not binding, however analysis of the survey will help the planning process.
Our intention is to publish a risk assessment on the website by the end of next week for the consideration of parents and carers. As you can all appreciate, the actions that will be taken as a result of this risk assessment will not eliminate risk, but they can go a long way towards managing staff and pupil safety. Our next questionnaire will be sent out this morning and will relate to your intended means of travelling to school. Whilst it will be sent out to everyone, please only reply if you answered 'Yes' to the first survey.
It was truly heart-warming to note that many of you used the survey as an opportunity to express your concern not only for pupil wellbeing but for that of our staff. All members of our community are enduring anxiety and pressure. Those shielding vulnerable relatives, those trying hard to work from home whilst caring for young children and those working in school with the children of key workers.
I want to use this communication as an opportunity to express my admiration for the spirit of our community and for the hard work and dedication of our staff. The New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern’s message has been rightly lauded; “Be strong, be kind, we will be OK.”
Yours, Phil Chantler



Dear parents and carers,


As I am sure you are aware, the Prime Minister announce a potential expansion of the number of children that are able to attend primary schools. Please find, below in italics, the passage from today's Department for Education update. 


We really appreciate your support and patience during the current situation and hope to be able to bring your further details as to our next steps regarding the school attendance, when this is available.


Please keep safe. Phil Chantler  


Phased opening of early years settings and schools to more pupils from 1 June

Yesterday, the Prime Minister addressed the nation on coronavirus. The Prime Minister announced that from 1 June at the earliest, primary pupils may be able to begin going back into school in stages, beginning with Reception, year 1 and year 6. Our ambition is that secondary pupils facing exams next year will get some time with their teachers before the summer holidays. We will also ask childcare settings to prepare to open for more children from 1 June.

We will publish further guidance setting out more information for early years, schools and colleges later today. ​



Phil Chantler



Dear Parents & Carers.


As you are aware, there are many suggestions for home learning activities that your child can be doing during this period on the school website. If your child would like to keep up their French skills or even have a go at learning a new language, we would highly recommend Duolingo app. It is free & the children can work at their own level and pace. They get rewards for each achievement they make on it &, perhaps most importantly, they can get on with it without adult supervision! They would just need access to a tablet or other suitable device. Additionally, we recommend the BBC Bitesize website where there are plenty of modern language games, videos & other activities. Kind regards,




Mrs Kwouk and Miss Major.