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Our goal is for the children to not only enjoy writing but to also understand how to become better writers. The understanding of the purposes of writing is of a high priority, and we embed the teaching of the crucial technical and grammatical features of writing in a context where the children can see why they are learning about them. This context regularly involves the use of quality shared texts as starting points, with the fundamental skills and features being systematically taught. The functions of language are emphasised and as the teachers model the processes of reading and writing they also explain the thinking behind these processes.


In the important early years of school, the children are taught to use their oral language and their growing knowledge of phonics to draw letters to match the sounds. From this emergent writing, the children progress through Key Stage 1, learning the mechanics and basic conventions of the written word.


In Key Stage 2 the children are taught higher order composition skills, using planning, drafting, evaluating and revising as important parts of the process. They are actively engaged in learning how language works and are taught how to improve and refine their writing skills.


Writing  instruction takes place in the classrooms, either with the whole class engaged in shared or independent writing activities, or in smaller guided writing groups or as additional individual support.  Strategies, methods and resources are tailored to suit the needs of the particular children in each class. In some cases, groups of children are withdrawn from the classroom to receive their literacy teaching in smaller intervention groups. Here, the teacher is able to focus on the next steps the particular children need to attain in order to become better writers.


We have high expectations regarding the quality and quantity of writing the children are producing and their progress in writing is frequently monitored as part of a whole school process.


We are very proud of the children’s attainment and progress in literacy at Lady Joanna. The children are encouraged to take a pride in their work and to always do their best. Their literacy books are a testament to how hard both the staff and children work at this school.