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Your wonderful home learning!

Brilliant writing inspired by Rudyard Kipling's Just So stories from Lucy

It has been so lovely to see Hattie and Lucy in school this week! The girls have been working on their animal posters and reports recently too.

Jacob has been conducting some research on the important issue of endangered habitats and has written some information that he has discovered.

Isabel has gone above and beyond by making four wonderful posters about wild cats - well done, Isabel!

Archie has written a great report about lions and made an informative poster too.

Logan has worked hard to draft, edit and write up about his home: beautiful Wye, of course!

Freya has been busy planning, drafting, editing and writing up her great non-chronological report on the Gurtle. This is a great way to work on a piece of writing and follows the way we would be writing in school.

Have a read of these super non-chronological reports by Oli, Max, Joe and Annabelle.

Logan has been busy making an eye-catching and informative poster about his favourite animal, the panda.

There have been some brilliant unusual animal posters from Sophie, Jacob, Charlie M, Oli, Freya, Elsa, Max, Eloise, Annabelle and Joe! Well done, everyone.

Rufus and Archie have been practising their super writing skills.

Annabelle has written an exciting story about a cat stalking his prey.

Charlie M has been keeping busy producing some fantastic English work.

Well done for your hard work in Maths and English this week, Sophie.

Rufus has been working really hard on his poster about his favourite animal, otherwise known as his cat Mimi!

Max has made an amazing poster about his favourite animal, the duck-billed platypus.

Oli's piece, A Cloudy Lesson, is written beautifully.

Annabelle has made a PowerPoint about the events of 1066. Have a look at the super slides!

Well done Eloise for your super Anglo-Saxon diary entry!

Eloise has typed up her brilliant Dragon Slayer story.

Annabelle has typed up her excellent biography of Alfred the Great.

Sophie has written a poem about our time in lockdown.

Jacob has been applying his writing skills and neat handwriting in his latest piece of home learning.

Charlie has written a very professional biography of Alfred the Great.

Sophie has been busy baking some yummy muffins.

We are all getting fit doing our PE with Joe sessions on YouTube.

Sophie has written a super biography about Alfred the Great.

Sophie has been working hard on calculating the area of shapes.