Lady Joanna Thornhill (Endowed) Primary School

Learning for the Head, Heart and Hand

Pupil Comments about Thrive

  • I Like the games and the people are nice - Bethan age 9


  • I love Thrive because it's fun and I make new Friends - Halle age 4


  • I like Thrive because they have fun games - Josh age 8


  • I like coming to Thrive because there are lots of games and fun things to do, I also enjoy it as you can make lots of friends! - Jessica age 10


  • I like it because it has fun games such as chess or piano - Emily age 10


  • I love Thrive because it's lots of fun and we get lots of food!  Amelie age 6


  • I like Thrive because Amy and Tom are cool - Luca and Gilbert age 8


  • I like Thrive because I like the games and Amy and Tom are very funny - Violet age 10


  • I love Thrive because I meet new friends and play games.  Also, Amy and Tom are so perfect! Jasmine age 8


  • I like Thrive because it is nice to play with my friends. - Lewis age 10


  • I like Thrive because of the people that go and the games they have - Logan age 9