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Vision and Ethos

Wye Curriculum - We Care


Our primary purpose is to inspire a love of learning in every pupil.


We are an inclusive school, and in our classrooms every child has a voice. Staff have high expectations that cater for the needs of all pupils, and our classes are teams where pupils work together in collaboration and are able to challenge each other to improve. We develop independent learners who improve through peer and self-assessment.

Our pupils thrive in an environment where they have the freedom to have a go. Through hands-on learning opportunities in the curriculum we encourage creativity, enrich experience, and develop curiosity about the world.


All staff model positive learning behaviours and we are proud of the good behaviour of our pupils. Key to our ethos are the values of tolerance and mutual respect. We celebrate diversity and care for the environment.


We are outward-looking and part of a supportive local community that we engage with and learn from. We work closely with like-minded schools who subscribe to the principles of: Self-help, Self-responsibility, Democracy, Equality, Equity, Solidarity and Ethical Values.


We ensure that every pupil leaves us confident and prepared for the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.



Wye Curriculum, We Care