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Hedgehog Class tribute to the NHS and key workers. We clap for you not just every Thursday, but everyday in our hearts. Thank you for being there for us! Here are our rainbows for you. Sending all our love.

Home Learning Week 5 Term 6 (Monday 29th June-Friday 3rd July)

Year 1 Home Learning Term 6 Week 1 (Monday 1st June - Friday 5th June)


May half term fun activities for the family!

Year 1 Home Learning Week 3 Monday 4th-Thursday 7th May

Year 1 Home Learning Week 2 Monday 27th April - Friday 1st May

Year 1 Home Learning Week 1 Thursday 16th April-Friday 24th April

Here are some links to our new topic Rio De Vida

Year 1 Home Learning pre-Easter

Maisie's wonderful Home Learning

Eddie had lots of fun making and playing his own game!

Maisie's superb Home Learning

Maisie's wonderful Home Learning - she has completed her maths work for this week, written a diary entry and completed a book review. You've been a busy bee, Maisie! Well done.

Eddie has made a wonderful poster to protect our oceans! Well done Eddie, this is incredible!

Lyra's wonderful Home Learning! You can see her arts and crafts, pictogram work, writing about turtles and all about her family. Well done Lyra!

Gilbert's mum has sent this week's art club work through.

Gilbert's fantastic home learning!!

Maisie is having a wonderful half term making a craft bowl and doing some creative writing!

Anna has been busy crafting this week! She has made her very own flute and jewellery holder - well done Anna, they are lovely!

William's wonderful book review of The Dancing Turtle!

Taha and Khadija have built a pencil maze! Looks so colourful and a lot of fun to play with! Well done you two, good team work!

Rosie has been a fabulous fox this week, using tasty smarties for her maths and completing lots of fantastic writing all about turtles!

Myla has created her very own mosaic - how wonderful Myla!

Kayden has been working hard again this week. He has completed lots of work on turtles, including his own fabulous fact file! Well done on your brilliant number work - you are a superstar Kayden!

Kayden has made his very own ant farm and has been looking after them very well!

Thomas's wonderful comic strip based on Brazilian stories! Thomas, what a fantastic piece of work. Well done you!

Art club work for this week x

Myla has been working hard on her writing and produced some fantastic work, as always! Beautiful handwriting and drawings Myla, well done you!

Arrietti all dressed up and ready for her home carnival! What a fabulous samba headdress you have made Arrietti! Doesn't she look great?!

Arrietti hosted her own very own Fincham family home carnival! Complete with her own homemade samba headdress! WOW! It looks like so much fun Arrietti!

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Elijah working hard at his Home Learning, thank you for my lovely letter Elijah and know you'll be working very hard for mum at home!

Taha has completed some lovely work in his Home Learning including addition of lego bricks and finding the capacity and volume of containers. Well done Taha!

Ella has created some wonderful art this week, including a lovely carnival mask! She has completed a still life piece, as well as some fabulous descriptive writing and a book review. The Twits is one of my favourite books too! You've worked so hard Ella, you are a SUPERSTAR!

Kayden has been working hard again this week and completed some lovely writing and maths! He has also been doing lots of art/DT and made some fabulous things! Kayden, you are a fantastic fox!

Josh and his big sister Bethan have had lots of fun making chocolate bowls this week - YUM!

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Part 2

Josh and his big sister Bethan have had lots of fun making chocolate bowls this week - YUM!

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Part 1

Josh has made his very own mythical creature on Purple Mash called Elemouth, as well as a great mask this week! Well done Josh, you are very creative!

Erin has been having lots of fun this week with her home learning! She has made her very own Brazilian carnival headdress as well as created some fabulous bubble painting, crochet and marble run making! Well done Erin, you are a fantastic fox!

More of Arrietti's beautiful work! She has come up with her own mythical creature, made a comic strip about the myth of Vitoria Regia and described her family along with more lovely pictures! Arrietti, you are a SUPERSTAR!

Arrietti has completed some amazing artwork this week! She has drawn a picture of the church, some lovely still life and a poster all about sun awareness. Fabulous work Arrietti, well done!

James has been having lots of fun this week with his home learning! He has made his very own carnival outfit and used his scooter as float in his parade! He has also made a great pictogram with lots of yummy smarties and had a go at the chocolate rock experiment - tasty! Well done James, fabulous work!

So far this week, Toby has decorated egg shells so he can grow crazy cress hair, checked on his sugar crystals which are forming nicely and written about his very own mythological creature - Victor. Well done Toby, great work!

Evan's Home Learning - wonderful pictograms using his toy car collection (such lovely cars!), a pictogram of children's initials in the class, some baking (looks yummy!) and finally a fantastic carnival mask. Evan you are a superstar for all your activities!

Alanna has been learning all about capacity! She has worked really well on this. Also the comic strip is fantastic! Well done. Lovely to see your beautiful smile too!

Enzo has been having lots of fun building his very own bench! AMAZING work Enzo, what a fabulous job you have made of that bench! Well done you!

Rosie has been creating some masterpieces this week at home! She has made up her own mythological creature - a great, pink, stripy tiger, ROAR! She has also made a picture of her garden on Purple Mash, a still life drawing and a fabulous comic strip! Well done Rosie!

Lizzie has created a wonderful comic strip about Naia! You have worked so hard Lizzie, well done! Beautiful drawings and handwriting as always!

Eddie has been very creative this week, making a river collage with his big brother out of natural materials they found outdoors. He has also had a look at pointillism and created a wonderful woodland scene! Well done Eddie, fabulous work, you are so talented!

William's wonderful poem. I can see some real talent here William! You could publish your poems one day. Well done!

Kayden has been working hard this week! He has been having lots of fun making pictograms using his lego, as well as reading Zog beautifully and writing a book review. 5 out of 5 stars, must be good Kayden! Well done you!

Maisie's wonderful tribute to VE day tomorrow and some Lockdown Art! Maisie, you are very talented and a credit to our country. Well done.

Gilbert's Mum has sent through this week's Art Club activity. Hope some of you can have a go!

Anna has been having lots of fun making pictograms using skittles.- YUMMY!

Myla has painted some beautiful pictures, WOW - you are such a good artist Myla! A great book review and lovely handwriting as always. Myla has also completed some fabulous work on pictograms - well done you!

Toby has been working very hard over the last few weeks. He has read lots of books and written some fantastic book reviews. Made his very own Brazilian flag, done lots of fabulous maths and has been experimenting with science! Toby has also had lots of fun making a pictogram using Superzings! Well done Toby!

Lizzie has written a wonderful poem! Well done Lizzie, you are a fabulous poet!

Alanna has been working so hard on her Home Learning. Here you can see her fantastic data handling with pictograms and she's written a poem! What a superstar you are Alanna!

Have a look at William's fabulous Home Learning! William you have been a very busy boy, well done!

Caterpillars ready to hatch out!
Spelling practise.
Spelling practise.
Spelling practise.
A wonderful flag of Brazil!
Handwriting practise!
Data handling - tally charts.
Data handling - pictograms.
Some phonics.
Maths work!
Dot to dot!

Sullivan has been working hard this week on pictograms and created some of his very own which looks amazing! Such a great idea using your cars Sully! He has also used some wonderful adjectives to describe his character. What an amazing drawing Sully, you are so talented and a great artist! Well done you! You've worked so hard.

Ella (also known as Princess Elsa) has been working hard on pictograms and created some of her very own! She has also done some brilliant writing this week and written a poem about being stuck in lockdown, fabulous work Ella, well done!

This week, Emily has painted an amazing picture of Christ the Redeemer, as well as made her own compass which looks great! She has also written her very own book review - what great work, well done Emily!

Bella has created a brilliant statue of Christ the Redeemer out of lego, as well as her very own compass! Fantastic work Bella, well done!

Rosie has been super busy this week with her home learning! She has created some fabulous pictograms, collecting the data outside and having fun! She has also made a mini bug hotel and written a beautiful poem about being in lockdown. Well done Rosie, we are so proud of you!

Josh has created a wonderful picture of a toucan in the Amazon Rainforest! Lovely work Josh, well done!

Charlie's adjective work - a present for Nanny describing her loveliness! What a wonderful project.

Harley has been doing some fantastic Home Learning - handwriting and sock puppets! Well done, Harley, you are a super star.

Kayden has been working SUPER hard on his pictograms today and created a great drawing on Purple Mash. Also.. He has lost his 2nd tooth - how exciting Kayden!

Charlotte with her fabulous Home Learning. Charlotte, so proud of you! I know one day you could definitely be a teacher with a board like that! Well done you.

Evan has been working so hard on his Home Learning. We are very proud of all the hard work you have produced this week!

Making Christ the Redeemer from clay.
Evan wrote some adjectives about dinosaurs!
Learning about turns.
Lots of Home Learning work.
A fabulous book review.

Lyra's Brazilian Puppet Making. Wow, Lyra! You are so inventive and creative. I love your Brazilian fact file too. You've worked so hard!

Oscar has built a playhouse in the garden with his brothers and sister. It looks so much fun to play in! He has also been out on his bike, riding in the countryside. He has even lost his first tooth! I hope the Tooth Fairy comes soon for you, Oscar!

Camellia has been working really hard this week with her creative writing! What wonderful adjectives Camellia and such a lovely character you have made up, fabulous work! Camellia has also been having fun with Mummy and Daddy playing a fun maths game! Well done Camellia!

Another fabulous, productive week for Ella! She has been loving the creative writing this week and used so many fantastic adjectives to describe her brother, Tom and her storybook character. Ella has even created Christ the Redeemer out of Lego! Such a wonderful idea and it looks great, well done Ella!

Thomas's Amazing Home Learning. So very creative! Well done Thomas.

Thomas learnt about snakes in Brazil.
Here is a model Bromeliad plant he made.
Finally here is a float inspired by the carnivals!

Gilbert's Mum has set the Art Club activity for this week. Why not try it at home with siblings or parents?

Baylie has been busy at home this week, working VERY hard! She has had so much fun with our 'Fireworks In A Glass' science experiment, as well as doing lots of fabulous writing and drawing - well done Baylie!

Arrietti has created a wonderful parade scene on Purple Mash. It looks just like the carnivals in Brazil! Well done Arrietti, you are so talented!

Erin has also had a busy week! Fantastic work Erin, I hope you enjoyed the science experiment! Such a lovely drawing! Well done you!

Rosie has drawn a fabulous picture of Wye church, it looks just like the real thing! She has also written a book review which is absolutely wonderful - I definitely want to read this book after hearing how good it was! Well done Rosie, we are so proud of your hard work!

Albie has been sooo busy this week! He's created a wonderful statue out of clay of Christ the Redeemer and learnt all about Brazil, where it is on the map and the animals that live there. Fantastic drawings! Albie has been doing lots of great work on positional direction, as well as learning all about coins. Albie described his new puppy Joey for the creative writing task, such a great idea! And finally.. Albie has learnt that he has actually been to Brazil in his Mummy's tummy! How exciting! Well done Albie, so much brilliant work, you are a fantastic fox!

Kayden has drawn a fabulous picture of his Mummy and written chosen some lovely adjectives to describe her. Well done Kayden!

Eddie has been working SO hard on his Brazil collage, how fabulous! Well done Eddie, it is FANTASTIC!

Emilia's wonderful Home Learning! Emilia, you have worked so hard! Hope you are having lots of fun.

Pippa's amazing English work, of using adjectives to describe her sister. Well done Pippa, it looks very colourful!

Charlie is reading Thomas the Tank Engine.

Still image for this video
You've come on leaps and bounds with your reading Charlie. I am so impressed with you!

Charlie is working very hard! Your workbook looks interesting Charlie, I hope you are enjoying it!

Myla has created a beautiful spring collage! Absolutely wonderful Myla, well done!

Kirsten has created a beautiful painting of a scene outside her house. Well done Kirsten!

Ella has been SUPER busy with her writing this week and creating some fabulous art work! Well done Ella, lovely work!

Lyra has worked so hard on her gorgeous '4 Seasons' book. What a lot of hard work Lyra! Love the cakes too. Yum!

Alanna's fantastic drawings of the flowers in Brazil. Gorgeous illustrations Alanna!

Click on the document below to see Alanna with her beautiful Home Learning work. Well done Alanna!

Alanna has created a wonderful fact file all about Brazil. Click on the document below to see her incredible work. Well done Alanna!

Maisie has written some interesting facts about Brazil. Very impressed with her beautiful writing and spelling. Well done Maisie!

Anna has learned all about Brazil today and drawn some fabulous pictures! Great work Anna!

Today, Ella has made a salt dough person wearing a Brazilian dress! Fabulous Ella, you have worked so hard. Well done you!

A HUGE happy birthday to Eddie from all of us at Lady J! What a yummy looking cake, wow! We will have a belated celebration when we get back to school!

Gilbert's wonderful work for World Earth Day 2020. Such lovely writing!

Gilbert's Mum has written an art activity for this week based on Richard Long. Please follow the link below if you wish to participate then share your work with using: #wyeartclub


Happy Art Clubbing!


Richard Long activity

Jack's fantastic work on Brazil! AMAZING drawings Jack, well done you!

Here is William celebrating his 6th birthday in style. What a fabulous cake! We can sing Happy Birthday to you when we get back to school. William was also given some caterpillars which he will help to look after before they become butterflies!

Livia has been a very busy bee indeed! See below for her wonderful Home Learning. Livia, we are very proud of you!

Reading/writing poems, talking about descriptive words and how to add colour and illustrations.
Enjoying the maths and writing, plus some science experiments and using fruits/cake baking to learn about fractions.
Writing and Maths work
Maths work
Science Experiments!
Livia’s family have been doing some bug exploring on their walks and Liv made a caterpillar house with her sister. They are all watching it (hopefully!) grow into a butterfly.
Lots of countryside walks!
Bug House
Livia loves arts and crafts, so they’ve been doing lots of drawing and painting! Mummy taught her about still life drawing here.

Rosie has enjoyed learning all about Brazil today and has made a fantastic spider digram! Well done Rosie, amazing work!

Jack has been having great fun doing PE with Joe Wicks every morning - especially Friday fancy dress! Looking good Jack!

IF YOU ARE HUNGRY, LOOK AWAY NOW! Ella has made a delicious and beautifully decorated Brazilian cake, called the 'bolo de fuba'. She has even decorated it in the Brazilian colours. Yummy!

Kayden has been learning all about Brazil and completed some amazing work! FABULOUS job Kayden! Well done you.

Eddie has been very busy! He has created a wonderful fact file all about Brazil and worn his Brazilian football shirt to match! He has also been enjoying the outdoors with his Mummy and older brother - looks like a lot of fun Eddie!

A message for Hedgehogs from Mrs Read!

Still image for this video

Sullivan has made a FABULOUS game of snakes and ladders, great job Sully! I bet you and your family are having lots of fun playing!

Albie's Brazilian themed crafts. Wow, fantastic work Albie!

Evan has created a wonderful factfile of Brazil and here he is showcasing his work. We are proud of you Evan, well done!

WOW! Myla's incredible drawings of animals from Brazil, fabulous artwork Myla!

James has been busy having fun on Purple Mash! He has also made a 'Weight Lifter 500', an origami fox, drawn the Brazilian flag and started writing a fact file all about Brazil! WOW, well done James! You are very creative!

Pippa enjoying her outdoor learning and Easter arts and crafts. Looks great fun Pippa, well done!

Gilbert doing some learning outside. Well done Gilbert, you look really happy in the sunshine!

Erin's fantastic ice cream shop and ice cream - I thought it was real! It looks so yummy! Well done Erin!

A great, big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Anna who turned 6 yesterday! We will celebrate Fox class style when we get back! Lots of love from all of Year 1 xx

Anna's fabulous art work, great job!

Megan and Bethany's pictures of Dinosaurs

Georgie from Hedgehogs has been experimenting with science...creating exploding volcanoes with baking soda and vinegar. He saw what happens to the cups when some were left empty and the others were filled with coloured water. 

See the wonderful pictures below of Georgie completing some science experiments!

Myla from Foxes has painted a fabulous picture of a tree. Well done Myla, you are a super artist!

Maisie has been learning all about Spring Flowers with her sister. Well done Maisie!

World Book Day photo! We look fantastic as different characters.