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Kent Challenger Games June 2021


After months of restrictions and little to no outdoor events and fixtures for our students we were extremely pleased to have been invited to participate in the Kent Challenger Games on Friday 8th June. The tournament focuses on students to work in team and awards points for skills such as communication, teamwork, leadership and effort. The students participated in an exciting variety of events including a rescue mission with a stretcher and injured soldier, an assault course with some watery surprises and also a river crossing race. 

As part of the day each school were asked to create their own school banner to carry in the final parade at the end of the games, I am extremely proud to say that our wonderful banner created by the students and Miss Weller placed second for the day!

Whilst we didn’t take home a trophy this time; our students were exemplary and had an outstanding attitude throughout the whole session. Our students worked incredibly well together devising their own ideas on how to approach challenges that had been set.

I am hugely proud of our students and their effort and teamwork throughout the Challenger Games and am looking forward to the next academic year when we can hopefully get back o lots of exciting fixtures and tournaments!


Miss Dodsworth

Lead PE Teacher

Marnie's Exciting Trip

Marnie in Puffin class has written a lovely piece about her upcoming family holiday.  It's so nice to read about the things she will do on her trip and it's beautifully written.  Well done Marnie, great work...and so good that we can all start to do fun things like go on holiday again!  We hope you really enjoy your holiday!





Today we said a fond farewell to Mr Phil Chantler, who has been our Headteacher for the last 5 years.  Thanks to the amazing generosity of parents, staff and the Friends' Association, Mr Chantler received many wonderful gifts (pictures of a few of them below), and he was very touched to receive them all!


A special thank you goes to Sarah Ingleton, who made the most fantastic cake as a leaving gift, such a lot of work went into creating it and it tasted delicious!   



If any of our lovely pupils have a hidden talent or have achieved something they are really proud of, we want to hear about it.  Perhaps you have drawn a really lovely picture, built something amazing with your family or passed a guitar exam!   Email Mrs Cox at and tell us all about it.  If you have a photo you can send of your achievement, we would really love to see it and add it to this page for everyone to see!   We are really looking forward to seeing what you have all been up to!


Lyra from Squirrel class has sent us this wonderfully informative powerpoint she created from her recent trip to Walmer Castle!  It's full of wonderful pictures and really interesting information she learned during the day.  Such great work Lyra, we all really enjoyed reading it and learning about the history of Walmer Castle! Well done, you should be so proud of yourself, we all are!  

Erik's Incredible Art

We really do have some fantastically talented pupils here at Lady J.  Erik in Y5 Puffin Class, has painted this incredible Lion using acrylic paint.   Well done Erik, we are all so impressed with this brilliant picture, you should be very proud of yourself

Arty's Amazing Cave paintings

Arty in Kingfisher class has sent in these amazing cave paintings he has created at home using a mixture of acrylic paint and oil pastels.  Such wonderful colours and they really look like they could have been painted by a Caveman in the Paleolithic era!   Well done for all your hard work Arty, we are very impressed!

Nathan's Musical Success



Nathan in Parrot class has just passed his grade 2 piano exam with a distinction!  He scored 92 out of 100, which is a fantastic result!  Despite having to cope with his lessons moving to online zoom classes, and having to submit his exam pieces as a one take video, Nathan has worked so hard and his practise has most definitely paid off!  We are all really proud of his amazing achievement!  Well done Nathan!


Isaac's Challenges

Isaac, from Swift’s class, has been busy undertaking a number of tasks that have resulted in him being awarded four different Blue Peter badges! 
Silver badge: Every week for 3 months Isaac wrote a poem or made an art creation for every single one of the 27 residents of Brambles care home in Wye whilst they couldn’t have visitors due to coronavirus.
Blue badge: Isaac used items from around his house to construct a home gym for all his family household to use whilst they have to stay in.
Green badge: Isaac built an intruder proof hedgehog house as he had heard how hedgehogs were now an at risk species.
Limited edition 2020 Sport badge: Isaac taught himself wrestling moves that can be performed at home with a wrestling dummy in order to stay fit during lockdown.


Perhaps you could earn a Blue Peter badge too! 

A huge well done to Isaac, we are so proud of your achievement!  


The pupils of Lady J have created this fantastic Christmas signing video just for you!  Merry Christmas everyone!


Still image for this video


On Thursday 28th May, Jude from Puffin class took on the Heart FM 'Beat the Teacher' Challenge.  He was pitted against a teacher from another school - the teacher was given the child questions and Jude got the adult questions. Jude won (we knew he would)...if you'd like to see how you would have done, here are the questions asked!


Teacher's Questions

1. What is the sequel to the 2016 film 'Finding Nemo' called

2. In Super Mario, what is 'Toad'?

3. Peter Parker is better known as Spider Man....but what job did Peter Parker do?

(The teacher only managed to get the Spider Man question right!!!)


Jude's Questions

1. Who did Romeo fall in love with in the famous play by William Shakespeare?

2. 30 degrees Celsius or 100 degrees farenheit....which temperature  is hottest?

(Jude only needed to answer 2 questions because he got them both right!)


Answers below


Jude, you did so fantastically well, you should be so proud of yourself!  Loved the shout out to Mrs Williams and all of your friends at Lady J too!!




Teacher Questions 1. Finding Dory 2. Toad is a mushroom 3. Peter Parker is a photographer/journalist

Jude's Questions 1. Juliet 2. 100 degrees farenheit





Harry S (Blackbirds Class) took part in 'The Great Indoors Hike to the Moon', raising money for Children in Need and Comic Relief.  Scouts set themselves the incredible challenge of hiking the 240,000 miles to the Moon.  Each Scout was asked to walk one mile. 
Harry measured out a track in the garden and worked out that he would need to complete 87 and a half laps to walk a mile!  He chose to run and he enjoyed it so much, he did it twice!!
Harry set himself a target to raise £40 and completely smashed this, raising a fantastic total of £135. 


Well done Harry, we are all really proud of you , what a fantastic achievement!!





One of our amazing pupils, Ellie T, has been busy raising money for charity whilst we are all in lockdown.  She painted these beautiful rainbow pebbles and sold them for donations to charity.  She has even been featured on BBC news celebrating her amazing achievement.  Ellie's mum told me that she has now raised over £170 for the NHS.  Well done Ellie we are so proud of you!  smiley



Since word has got around about Ellie's amazing fundraising, she has now had an exciting  visit from the East Kent Guiding District Commissioner, who presented her with a special certificate, a Brownie's Well Done badge and. Commissioner's Thank you badge for her rainbow pebble fundraising efforts! 

One of our fantastic children in YR has built this absolutely amazing dragon all by himself. Well done Elliott B, what a fantastic achievement!! 



On Tuesday 7th May,  Lady J sent Amal, Ella, Tom B and Adam to Ashford School for the Y5 Schools Maths Competition. Our brilliant team added, subtracted and multiplied their way through the rounds.....and WON!   They beat 24 other schools who were also competing, and took home the winning shield for the school.  Huge congratulations to them all for such an amazing and well deserved victory, we are all very proud of you at Lady J!





Dear parents and carers,
As I am sure you are all aware we are only 3 weeks away from the return of one of our most exciting events. Since the last International Evening in October 2016 we have received feedback from across our community and we are sure that this year’s events will be a wonderful celebration of the diverse constituents of the Lady Joanna family.
Throughout the week we would like to host a range of events with an international theme. In order to fully embrace what will no doubt be an exciting and informative week, the afternoons during the week beginning February 4th will be dedicated solely to international themes/events. It would be fantastic if parents, carers, staff or children with a link to a certain country could undertake an activity in class with either their own children or across the school. For example, Doris Kwarteng (one of our fantastic Teaching Assistants, who is of Ghanian descent) is going to show traditional clothing of the Ashanti and Northern regions of Ghana, talk about the drums in the music room and their use for music and communication…and even a bit of dancing! Other parents and carers have suggested a range of practical workshops they could complete with children including cooking, art and poetry.
During International Evening itself (Friday 8th February, 6pm – 8pm) attendees will be invited to walk around the school at their leisure. This will give everybody a fantastic opportunity to celebrate what the children have learnt during the course of the week. The school hall will also be a key part of the event with the Junior Choir (Main Hall, 6:30pm) performing and the interactive whiteboard showing a rolling presentation about our Rights Respecting School initiative. Members of the Junior Choir will receive a letter from Mrs Nicholls next week.
All of this exciting news has so far failed to include one key element – food! It has always been an international evening tradition to give everyone in attendance the chance to taste delicious cuisine from all over the world. If you are willing to cook a dish to contribute to the ‘Best Takeaway in Ashford’ then please complete the online form below!


All contributions are hugely appreciated! Please note that you do not have to have a link to a particular country in order to cook a dish associated with it.
*Food can be brought in from 5pm on Friday 8th February. It must be 100% ready to eat (no cooking can be done on-site) and totally free from nuts.


Our talented team of year 6 mathematicians are the proud winners of the Regional Maths Problem Solvng championships. Having progressed from round 1 in November, the team have now gone on to win round 2, which took place at Explore Learning last week. If you get a chance, have a look at the questions they faced and see how well you would do!


Well done to the children who took part, Izzy B, Alex G, Jacob S and Sebastian G.


 Our very own Kitty K, budding journalist and all round super star, has had an article published in First News. Wow Kitty! What a great achievement! We'll be watching this space for further fantastic reports from you!