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Week 4

UNESCO dedicated the International Day of Education celebrated on 24 January 2024 to the crucial role education and teachers play in countering hate speech. The UNESCO Director General (Audrey Azoulay) wrote a message to the world and here is a part of it:


"Because if hatred starts with words, peace starts with education. What we learn changes how we view the world and influences how we treat others. Education must therefore be at the heart of our efforts to achieve and maintain world peace."


How can we, at Lady Joanna, try to achieve world peace?


Encouraging children to look after and be respectful of each other so they grow up to look after and be respectful of other adults. - Sully


Encourage children to make friends, who are unlike them, so they are surrounded by people who are different and learn to respect everyone's differences. - Anon & Rosie


Publicise that hatred is banned here so people know it is unacceptable from an early age. - Erin


To make sure that all people (adults and children) are treated equally at our school (and home). - Anon


Welcoming and being accepting of new people with new ideas. - Osakpemehe


The curriculum will be reflective of the world and children will listen to make sure they learn about the world they live in. - James 


Having more days focused on charities so children learn about different people who are sometimes villianised and we can raise money to help them. - Mollie


To make sure children, and adults, 'Treat others as they wish to be treated'. We don't have to agree with everyone's beliefs/life choices, but we do need to be respectful and kind. - Myla & Arrietti







Week 3

We are LOVING the book Floodland. It has action, suspense and drama galore!

Miss Llewellyn has been so impressed with how good we are at the formal methods of multiplication and division. 

Also, we wrote some super poems about Love inspired by Jesus' mission. 

Week 1

This term's highlights are reading and writing about the book Floodland by Marcus Sedgwick. 

Continuing to use our times table knowledge to solve problems using short multiplication and division. 

In History, we are starting to learn about the Anglo Saxons and in DT and Art we are learning about architecture and applying this learning in our DT day by making bridges.