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Swift Class Blog


This week, we have carried out a very important job.  Those of us who wanted to, did speeches to be a school councillor.  Today, we went to our school polling station (the hall) to cast our votes.  Some of us took part in cross country this week at Spring Grove.  We tried our best and did really well.   


This week in science, we have been learning about gravity.  It is a force that pulls us towards Earth.  In maths, we have been learning about multiplication facts.  We have also had Buster in to teach us guitar.  In English, we have been learning about using simple and perfect tenses in biography writing.



This week in science, we have been learning about friction, forces and gravity. We had fun testing friction by seeing how far and fast a toy car would travel on different surfaces. In English we have been writing a biography about Aprille Eriksson-Jackson who is an aerospace engineer for NASA. In DT we have been starting to design a working fairground ride. We will be using a circuit and battery to make our rides move.



We are very excited that Miss Dodsworth and Mrs Kinneer are holding dance auditions to find out who will represent our school in a dance show in the spring.  In science, we have been learning about air resistance.  When an object falls, gravity pulls it down but there is an opposing force acting on it too.  This is air resistance, and it slows the object down. Tomorrow, we get to wear our own clothes and bring in a treat to go in this year's tombola for the Christmas Fair.