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Swift Class Blog

It has been Anti-Bullying week here at Lady J, and on Tuesday we joined a live lesson with CBBC which led us to have lots of important discussions. We then made posters to promote our thoughts and views.

For our P.E lessons, we have been playing lacrosse, particularly learning how to throw and pass. In dance, we have been learning how to do the Charlestone and then using the moves we've learnt to make up our own version, which has been great fun!

We have been busy on TT Rockstars this week as there is a national competition for primary schools. Within Lady Joanna, Swift are currently winning!



In English, we have been learning all about rollercoasters.  We wrote an explanation text about how rollercoasters work and now we're writing our own poems about being on a theme park ride. We are including verbs, adverbs and stanzas with punchy lines to reflect the movement of a rollercoaster.  We'll even perform them! Lots of us have shown our work to Mrs Foster because we are so proud of our work.

We made pop-up books for our buddies that were colourful, engaging and had moving mechanisms.  They were base on a nursery rhyme so we read the to our buddies this week. They loved them!

In P.E, we have been doing 'Dance through the Ages' and learning all about different dance styles.  In lacrosse, we have been learning how to pass well and work as a team. 

In Reading Practice lessons, we have been reading, 'A Year of Nature Poems'.  Each month has a poem which we have thoroughly enjoyed reading.  Each month's poem gives us a picture of what that month is like - it creates beautiful pictures in our minds.