Lady Joanna Thornhill (Endowed) Primary School

Learning for the Head, Heart and Hand

Term 6

Week 1 Blog:


Kia Ora (Hello in Kiwi),


First and foremost we MUST tell you that we are most excited for beginning the rehearsals and preparations for our production. As we are doing our best to keep this a secret, we will reveal one letter a week, and one letter only; however, these letters will not be in order. If you collect them over the weeks, by the time of our production you will have an anagram of the production title. This letter is...




Maths has taken a bit of a dark turn this term as we prepare ourselves for the future of wages, taxes, budgeting and trying to survive. 


Our Literacy and History this term have been combined into a project on the Maya - so far we know that they helped to discover chocolate; they made books from bark of fig trees which they filled with hieroglyphics called logograms and symbols; they made rubber from the sap of a latex tree; and their civilisations lasted until only around 500 years ago. 


Thanks for coming to read our blog; we look forward to telling you more next week.