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Rabbit Class Weekly Blog


This week, we have enjoyed all of our learning. Highlights have included: DT (we made finger puppets by sewing fabric together and sewing on buttons and other other embellishments); Geography ( we went on a Geography field trip to study the number of different living things we could find in a woodland habitat and we recorded our findings on a tally chart. The next day, we used this data to create a bar chart) and we are really proud of our finished stories in English.


Our current Dojo total is 3014!


We have really enjoyed our gymnastics lessons this week. We have learned to do forward rolls. We have also really enjoyed reading The Ninjabread Bread in our Reading Practice sessions and are getting really good at using our inference skills to find clues in the text to answer questions.  In English, we have started writing our own story called The Sprout and the Princess. We spent two days planning our story so that we could go ahead and start writing it with confidence. We have learned some new spelling rules including different spellings of the /j/ sound.  We enjoyed learning how to use thermometers in Maths and in Maths Mastery, we are becoming experts at using the Rekenreks to solve missing number problems.  In RE, we continued learning about how different religions believe we should care for the world and each other and why that is important. In Science, we have learned about food chains. Some of us were lucky enough to go to Spring Grove to take part in a cross-country race and we all did brilliantly. 


Our current Dojo total 2887!


This week is STEM week (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) which means we have been doing lots of science learning. Our focus is on living things and their habitats. We went out to look at three different habitats near to our school - a log pile, a hedgerow and the woodland area - and we saw lots of different wildlife living there and we talked about why those habitats were suitable for those living things. See photos below!


In English, we described the Queen in our story using expanded noun phrases and in Maths we are learning about mass. We are really enjoying our Maths Mastery sessions in the afternoons. In RE, we are learning about what different religions believe about caring for the world.


Our current Dojo total is 2772!


We have started a new unit in maths - measurement. We enjoyed learning to use a ruler and we now know that it's really important to start at zero on the ruler to make sure our measurements are accurate. Some of us are pleased that we have finished our the multiplication and division unit as it was tricky but Mrs Kwouk is going to keep doing revision on this to help us. We really love our music lessons and learned about keeping a steady beat. We also enjoyed making and improving a digital version of Twinkle Twinkle in Computing. In English, we have been writing some amazing similes to describe the storm in the story. Sophia's favourite simile is, "The storm raged like an angry giant." Some of us are really excited about our new science topic - Living Things and their Habitats. Matin is going to bring some real millipedes in for us to look at next week in Science Week.


The highlight of our week was the visit from author Rebecca Smith. She read her book Super 

Daisy to us. The book is about a real girl called Daisy who was poorly with cancer and she faced her fears and helped others in need by teaching them to find their inner strength. See photo above of Rebecca reading to our class.


Some of us are really enjoying maths this week. We think it's really cool to know our times tables and we are proud of how well we are doing. We have enjoyed our English learning this week too. It was fun to put ourselves in the roles of the Prince and the Queen and write letters. We have proudly put some of our letters up on display in the corridor for people to see.


We have also enjoyed learning about the Zones of Regulation and we look forward to learning some strategies to help us regulate ourselves and be ready for learning. 


Reading has been a bit tricky sometimes because it's not always easy to remember where to find the answer in the text but we will keep practising every day and we will get better at this.


We are all really excited about dressing up for World Book Day tomorrow!


Finally, we are proud to say we have a current class total of 2440 Dojos!


This week in maths, we have been multiplying and dividing by two. We now know that dividing means making equal groups. We are trying hard to learn our two times tables off by heart. In English, we have begun a new book - The Pea and the Princess. This is an alternative version to the traditional tale and it is told from the point of view of the pea. We have enjoyed watching Mrs Kwouk and Mrs Milloy act out the roles of the Queen and the Prince! We enjoyed experimenting with digital music in Computing and in Geography we have been learning about some of the amazing physical and human features in the UK and around the world. We really enjoyed locating them and zooming in on them on Google Earth. We also started learning about the Zones of Regulation. We have talked about how helpful it is to stop and notice our feelings and we will be working hard over the next few weeks to develop strategies to help us self-regulate and be ready for learning. In Spelling, we have been learning to spell words with -cian endings, e.g. musician and also compound words which we now know are words that are made up of two words joined together, e.g. football.  We are all working really hard to improve our handwriting and are practising it daily.


This week in maths, we have begun learning how to multiply and we are doing really well at it. In English, we have learned the poem The Owl and the Pussycat off by heart and are going to perform it today to Year One. We really like the funny language in the poem, for example 'runcible spoon'! In PE, we have been doing more target games. In PSHE, we learned about the rights of disabled children and we are planning to start a campaign for there to be more sports opportunities in Ashford for disabled children. In RE, we have learned about Passover. We've been busy practising for our class assembly which is taking place tomorrow. We can't wait for the parents to see it! Today, we have come in to school wearing our finest dance gear and we are really looking forward to taking part in the Dance-a-thon this morning.


This week we have been learning about another explorer - Neil Armstrong. We learned that he was part of a team that landed on the Moon. Lots of people made the Apollo 11 Mission possible. We have finished our money topic in maths. Some of us have enjoyed it but some of us are still finding it really tricky! We are enjoying our daily 10 minute maths mastery blast too which helps us secure our understanding of number. Yesterday in PE, we did target games  which is when you aim at something. It was fun! We are all really enjoying practising for the class assembly and can't wait to perform it to the whole school and the parents.


This week, we really enjoyed our PE lesson again. We learned a new game - ball tag. It was lots of fun. We are really enjoying our history topic, Explorers.  We learned all about Christopher Columbus and we had to decide whether we thought he was a hero or a villain. Today, we are going to learn about another explorer, Matthew Henson. We are continuing with the book, Journey, in reading and are enjoying working out the story from pictures alone. Another subject we are finding fun is computing. We have been experimenting with different styles of art on the computer. We are still learning about money in maths and are still finding it rather tricky, particularly understanding the difference between pounds and pence. Some of us are finding cursive handwriting a bit tricky too, as it isn't easy to get the right grip on the pencil. We are proud of how many Dojos we are getting by demonstrating excellent learning behaviour. Our current total is 1932!


This week in PE, we really enjoyed learning some netball skills. Some of us even managed to score some goals. We are very proud of our writing in English. We have now finished retelling Owl Babies, using adjectives and similes to make our writing really descriptive and interesting to read. We were really interested to learn about what is special to Jewish people in our RE lesson. We are excited to be starting a new topic in history - Explorers! We have thought hard about what an explorer might look like or might need and we are looking forward to seeing if our ideas about explorers are accurate.  We are also enjoying our reading lessons this week. We were surprised to learn that we can read a book without words! The book we are reading is called Journey and it is helping us to develop our prediction and inference skills.  We have started a new topic in maths - money. We have all found this quite tricky as we have to add coins of different values together.  Our spelling lessons this week have also been a bit difficult as we have had to learn lots of new spelling rules. 


This week, we have begun Dance in our PE lessons. We have been learning to dance like bugs! Some of us were caterpillars who turned into butterflies. In English, we have been writing an improved version of Owl Babies by adding in adjectives and using synonyms for the word 'said'.  In maths, we have continued to learn about 2D and 3D shapes and we have found it quite tricky counting all the vertices but we are learning strategies to help us. In PSHE, we have learned about friendships and how we have to work hard to keep them strong. In Reading, we are really proud of how we have used our retrieval skills to answer questions about the book Into the Arctic. We really enjoyed Wednesday's assembly about the nature table and we are going to try and find things to bring in for it.


Happy new year! This week in maths, we have been continuing our learning about shapes and in particular, we have been learning about symmetry. In English, we have been reading Owl Babies and have thought very hard about how the babies felt when their mummy left them in the night to go hunting. Today, we will be acting out the story with puppets. We have started a new topic in Science - Animals including Humans and we have learned that not all offspring look like their parents! We have started a new reading programme this term called VIPERS and we have been focusing on our predictions skills this week with our book, Into the Arctic. We have all been trying really hard to improve our handwriting and have been learning how to correctly form curved letters.


This week has been all about the Nativity! We have really enjoyed rehearsing it and we are very excited about performing it next week. Some of us are finding it hard to remember our lines or when to say them but we are working hard at this and will try our best when it comes to the performances.


Apart from Nativity rehearsals, the best part of our week has been art. We have been learning how to draw lines to create an effect and have used this skill to draw houses as they would have looked in 1666 prior to the Great Fire of London. We also had a really fun lesson with Miss Weller, using oil pastels to experiment with different patterns and colours to create flames. Next week, we will be using marbling ink to put together our final pieces - watch this space to see the finished works of art!


In maths, we are continuing our work on 2D and 3D shapes and we have been using the language of edges, faces and vertices to describe them. In English we have been looking at winter poems. 





We have continued learning about the Great Fire of London and we have enjoyed the drama where we have acted out the events of the fire. We have talked a lot about the different causes of the fire and we are beginning to understand the many consequences. You might be surprised to learn that some of these consequences were positive! We like how the reading practice has also incorporated this topic too.


In science, we have enjoyed finding out how light passes through different materials and today, we learned about the properties of solid materials. We got to make slime and test how easy it is to squash which was lots of fun. We were surprised to learn that not all solids are hard and some can change shape really easily if a force is applied to them. 


In maths, we have been working really hard to set out our column addition, adding two-digit numbers together. We are now working on exchanging ones for tens!


We are learning a new song in music called, Ho Ho Ho – any guesses as to what it’s about?!


This week in Rabbit Class, two very exciting things happened. First, we went on our school trip to Perry Court Farm. We were very lucky with the weather and we enjoyed the long walk to get there. When we arrived, we were met by Heidi who runs the farm. She talked to us about the apples and we were amazed to learn they have over 230 varieties there! We got to pick some Bramley apples which we took back to make our apple crumble on Friday. We were lucky enough to be given some apples and apple juice to try. Delicious! 


The second exciting thing was the fun run. This involved completing an obstacle course and getting very muddy!







This week, we have really enjoyed our art lesson. We are continuing our pieces of work based on the style of Renoir and they are starting to look fabulous! We had lots of fun in PSHE learning how quickly and easily germs spread. We used glitter to show this and we got quite messy! Mrs Kwouk also got messy in our English lesson when she used our instructions to make a jam sandwich. We learned that we needed to make our instructions more detailed. It was very funny to see Mrs Kwouk use her hand to spread butter on the bread!

Our maths has been quite tricky this week as we have been learning to add by making ten. Some of us still need to continue learning our number bonds to 10 to help us with this. 

We are really proud of the progress we are making in reading and Mrs Kwouk is super proud of how we are starting to really show maturity through our respectful behaviour in class. Collectively, we have so far earned a grand total of 1138 Dojo points!


This week, we really enjoyed our art lesson in which we learned how to draw people but it was very difficult to get the proportions right. We found our RE lesson about how Muslims pray very interesting. We have had great fun learning and performing the poem 'There was an old lady who swallowed a fly' in our English lessons. Maths this week has been quite tricky as we have been learning about bonds to 20 and fact families but we are really proud of how neatly we have been presenting our work in our books. We are also really proud of how well we have done in our phonics lesson. The highlight of our week was outdoor learning with Miss Dodsworth. We got to play exciting games and do some crafts in the woods.


This week in Rabbit Class, we have really enjoyed drawing self portraits and learning how to do them using guidelines. We are really proud of the finished pieces of work! We have also really enjoyed acting out the story of The Gigantic Turnip. In maths, we have been learning about place value and we have done some rather tricky challenges with tens and ones. We are really proud of ourselves for writing some long and difficult sentences in phonics lessons. In PSHE, we have learned about the different food groups and eating healthily. In RE, we learned about Muslim beliefs about God. In PE we practised balancing. What a brilliant week it has been!


This week in art, we have really enjoyed making rain pictures using water colours in the style of Renoir. We look forward to finishing those pictures next week and displaying them for everybody to see. We have also enjoyed challenging ourselves in maths with tricky problems using part whole models. We are all very proud of our writing in English. We are retelling the story of The Gigantic Turnip using alliteration, similes and conjunctions. We have learned new spelling rules such as -ed endings which we are trying hard to use in our writing. We are also really proud of how well we have used the different instruments in music. In PE we have been working on our running, throwing, balancing and dodging skills which we have found quite tricky!


In English this week, we have really enjoyed making a story map for an alternative version of The Gigantic Turnip which we will be writing next week. We also really enjoyed experimenting with different shades of colour using paint in art. We are finding our topic about Muslims in RE very interesting. In maths, we had fun making human number lines in the playground (see photos below).

We are really proud of the poems we wrote in PSHE about children around the world who do not have access to clean water. We felt sad for these children and grateful that we have plenty of clean water in our homes.  Those of us who have done some home learning felt proud when we showed off our work to the class.

Some things have been a bit tricky for us this week, especially estimating numbers on a number line. Our phonics lessons have also been quite tricky this week as we have had to read and spell some very difficult words.



We made a human number line!


This week has been very special as we have been taking part in International Week. We were lucky enough to participate in two workshops: an Indian workshop led by Mira's mum in which we made rangoli patterns and tried on traditional Indian clothes and a Malaysian crafts workshop led by Arthur's mum. We have really enjoyed practising our French song, 'Vole, vole, vole papillon' (Fly, fly, fly butterfly) in preparation for our big performance at International Evening on Friday.

Maths has been very challenging this week as we have been learning to count in twos, fives and tens (forwards and backwards). We have been singing songs to help us learn this which we will keep practising so that we can do it off by heart!

In English, we have finished writing our alternative versions of the Gigantic Turnip. Our writing includes alliteration, time conjunctions and ambitious language and we are very proud of the work we have done.