Lady Joanna Thornhill (Endowed) Primary School

Learning for the Head, Heart and Hand

Term 5

Welcome back after the Easter break - we hope you enjoyed the sunshine.


Term 5 is going to be a busy term - there is so much to look forward to! Our topic is: Unusual Creatures.


This term in English, we will be writing non-chronological reports, with the children coming up with their own unusual creature to write about. We will then be learning the poem: Jabberwocky, from Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass, a fantastic nonsense poem with incredible portmanteau words in it. Finally, the children will be writing a story about a Dragon Slayer, using lots of descriptive language. In reading practice sessions, the children will be reading Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and The Incredible Ecosystems of Planet Earth. Both texts will be studied using the reading VIPERS. 


This term in Maths there is a number focus, beginning with decimal numbers. The children learn how to add and subtract decimals, including those with a different number of decimal places as well as multiply and divide decimals by 10, 100 and 1000.  They will then begin the 'properties of shape' unit, in which they will measure angles with a protractor and learn how to calculate missing angles around a point.


Science this term is about living things - we will be looking at animal life cycles, thinking about the behaviours shown at different stages throughout the life cycle, before looking at a mammal, bird, insect and amphibian life cycle in more detail. 


Our Topic lessons have a Geography focus this term. The children will be investigating climate and biomes - thinking about the animals and plants that live in different environments. They will have the opportunity to do lots of research too. 


In Art, the children will be looking at the Trompe L'oeil style of art and will be using this style to give them inspiration when designing a piece of art based on their unusual pet that they will write about in English. Their final piece will incorporate a mixture of a painted landscape and a clay animal figure.


In R.E, the children will be looking at places of worship - the key question this term is: If God is everywhere why go to a place of worship? The children will be looking at  Christian, Hindu and Jewish places of worship and looking why they are so important to Christians, Hindus and Jews.


Our PE days are Tuesday Rounders) and Thursday (Athletics). We are hopeful for sunny weather so we can get out on the field during our PE lessons. Please make sure all kit is labelled - we always seem to find some items of clothing discarded in the classroom without a name on it!



Each week we will be asking children to complete a range of pieces of homework which will cover maths, reading, spellings and topic.


Maths - Every week, MyMaths is updated with activities that are relevant to the topics taught in class. Before completing these activities, the children should read through the teaching slides to remind and support them in their learning.  The children should also be regularly logging on to Mathletics to retain speedy recall of all the times tables up to 12x12. 


Reading - We expect the children to be reading for at least 20minutes a day.  It is very good practice for the children to be reading with an adult so that discussions and questioning can clarify meaning and spark further interest. We ask that when reading (whether your child reads independently or with someone) you sign their reading records. This shows us that the children are completing their learning and indicates to us who needs further support or encouragement to read in school. Reading Record Books are reviewed every Monday.


Spellings - Every Friday, the children will have a spelling lesson, in which they learn a spelling rule and think about words that relate to that rule.  They will then receive a list of spellings which apply to this rule.  We expect the children to practise these spellings and learn the spelling rule, ready for our quiz on the following Friday.  If they are able to remember the spelling rule, they are able to apply it to new and unknown words.


Topic - Every term, the children will receive a topic grid with provides them with a range of activities relating to that term's topic.  The children are welcome to complete as many as they wish!

As always, please check the website and Class Dojo regularly for updates.


Many thanks,

Mr Lines, Mrs Williams and Mrs Lloyd

Topic - Climates and how the sun affects them