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Term 1



Welcome to the Wagtail and Woodpecker class page! We are excited about the year ahead.


Our topic this term is Urban Environments.  In English, we read a novel called "The London Eye Mystery". It is about a special boy called Ted, who has a different kind of brain from other people - he says he runs on a different operating system. When a cousin comes to visit him in London and then disappears, it's up to Ted and his sister Kat to solve the mystery since none of the adults will listen to their clues. Using the art of deduction, their knowledge of the city and his unusual way of looking at the world, Ted discovers clues to the whereabouts of his cousin that no one else observed.


Reading this book will help the children think and write from different character perspectives; write a news report and a balanced argument.  Whilst reading, the children will be encouraged to look carefully for clues in the text; challenge each other’s opinions and develop their own vocabulary. 


Our science topic of Evolution and Inheritance encourages the children to think about where their qualities and traits have come from.


In our topic lessons, the children will focus on the urban environment of Ashford. They will learn about the history of Ashford and how its physical geography has changed over time, including the introduction of the high speed train.  They will also study the artistic style of Street Art. The children will consider its moral value and how they can improve public spaces.


With lots of changes happening in school, we want highlight a few changes in Year 6.


We are using a 2 week timetable on rota, so that we have time to delve deep into each of our topics and allow creativity and discussions to flourish!


This term, Wagtail Class have Netball on Friday Week A (week starting 7th September) and gymnastics on Wednesday Week B (Week starting 14th September).

Woodpecker Class have gymnastics on Wednesday Week A (Week starting 7th September) and Netball on Friday Week B (week starting 14th September).

We recommend that the kits come into school at the beginning of the term and stay until the end of term. 


In order to allow the children to settle back into the new school timetable, we will be starting the homework on the 2nd full week back (14th September). The homework timetable and weekly spellings will be added to this page – so keep a look out so you’re up-to-date. Please continue to hear your child read at least five times a week and sign their Reading Record Book.


Thanks for your support.