Lady Joanna Thornhill (Endowed) Primary School

Learning for the Head, Heart and Hand

Term 1

Term 1!


Our topic this term is Urban Environments.  In English, we read a novel called "The London Eye Mystery". It is about a special boy called Ted, who has a different kind of brain from other people - he says he runs on a different operating system. When a cousin comes to visit him in London and then disappears, it's up to Ted and his sister Kat to solve the mystery since none of the adults will listen to their clues. Using the art of deduction, their knowledge of the city and his unusual way of looking at the world, Ted discovers clues to the whereabouts of his cousin that no one else observed.


Reading this book will help the children think and write from different character perspectives; write a news report and a balanced argument.  Whilst reading, the children will be encouraged to look carefully for clues in the text; challenge each other’s opinions and develop their own vocabulary. 


Our science topic of Evolution and Inheritance encourages the children to think about where their qualities and traits have come from.


In our topic lessons, the children will focus on the urban environment of Ashford. They will learn about the history of Ashford and how its physical geography has changed over time, including the introduction of the high speed train.  They will also study the artistic style of Street Art. The children will consider its moral value and how they can improve public spaces.


With lots of changes happening in school, we want highlight a few changes in Year 6.


Each week we will be asking children to complete a range of pieces of homework which will cover maths, English, reading and topic. We ask that when reading, whether your child reads independently or to someone else, you sign their reading records. This shows us that the children are completing their learning and indicates to us who might need more support or encouragement to read in school. Completed homework will need to be handed in on Monday mornings and will be rewarded with team points!


In term 1, our PE days are on Monday (Netball) and Wednesday (Gymnastics). Everyone must wear a school PE kit and suitable trainers. Children will need to bring their PE kits into school ready for the first Monday (6th September) back. Your child may take their kit home to wash each week, or keep it in school on their peg until the end of term. We recognise that during Covid, the children came to school in their PE kits, however we have decided as a school the children need to change in school this year. For privacy reasons, we will be separating boys and girls using both classrooms, whilst they are changing for PE.


Later on in the term we will be announcing head and deputy head boys and girls as well as casting votes across the school for any child who would like to be a sports team captain. If your child would like to put their name forwards for the sports team captain roles, they can let their class teacher know.


Finally, we will continue to use Class Dojo to communicate with parents and to provide any necessary updates with the classes. As well as update the school website on the class pages.


Thanks for your support.