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Swift class blog


In Term 3, we are going to be learning about the Anglo Saxons and Vikings. We have already started learning about how the Anglo Saxons became one tribe.  In English, we are reading a book called Floodland, all about a girl called Zoe who has been displaced from where she lives because of flooding.  In science, we have been learning all about upthrust, density and displacement... we know a lot about displacement!  In maths, we have been learning how to do long multiplication.  We are being careful to line our digits up in the correct columns so our calculation makes sense. We have also got new monitors for this term who will do their very best for the class.


This week, we have begun writing our diary entry from the point of view of Zoe from Floodland.  We are excited the tomorrow we have got a school disco after school - we will be sure to dance the night away! We had our first gymnastics lesson Monday and leaned all about creating shapes with our bodies and balancing.  We continued with rugby today and played games such as Sharks and Minnows. In maths, we have been learning how to do short division (the bus stop method) and today, we will be doing it with remainders. 


This week, we have started our next piece of writing based on Floodland - a letter to Zoe. We are going to give her advice on how to leave Eel Island. We finished our diary entries too. In Science, we were learning about gears. We learnt about the gears interlocking and how there is a driver and a follower. We used gears to demonstrate this. We also did a science assessment, to show the teachers what we know. In computing, we continued to learn different techniques for filming using a storyboard.  Next week, in computing, we are going to do our own storyboards. We also beat Mrs Williams on TTRockstars and so will get our reward next week. This is going to be sitting next to whoever we want next Wednesday.


We are very excited that there is a football match this afternoon against Kennington.  We wish our boys playing the best of luck.  This morning, we had another tag rugby lesson.  Our fingers were very cold but we kept on going to keep our blood pumping!  We learnt how to do a dummy pass and how to pop pass behind us. In science, we have been learning about different materials and how we could group them - weight, size, feel.  There's a year 5 cake sale after school tomorrow.  We hope to raise lots of money!


This week has been a particularly unusual one as lots of teachers in the school went on strike.  Lots of children in year 5 stayed at home! 

Back in school, we have continued to do tag rugby in our P.E lessons.  This week we put what we have learned into practice and played some tag rugby games.  We're still getting used to the rule of passing backwards. In maths, we have been learning all about decimals. We have learned how to convert them into fractions. In art, we are creating our own tapestry of our favourite book.  This will take us two watch this space! This week, we finished our persuasive speeches as Dooby.  Mrs Williams has been very impressed with the final result.


Today is a very special's Dance-a-thon! That means children throughout the school are dancing all day; a bit like a dance off.  The money raised goes towards our own Lady J's dance troop - they are entering a competition. 

Tomorrow, we are finishing off our tapestry sewing, inspired by the Bayeaux tapestry.  Can you tell what the scenes are from our favourite book?  This week in maths, we have been revising everything we have learned in maths this term.  We have revised rounding, equivalent decimals and fractions as missing numbers. We are so excited that this week, we will be finishing Floodland.  There was uproar in Swift Class yesterday when Mrs Williams stopped reading at the end of chapter 11.  We can't wait to find out what happens! In science, we did an experiment with cups of different materials to find out which one was the best insulator. Bubble wrap and paper seemed to be some of the best insulators.  We are very lucky that Mrs K picked up a special Anglo Saxon box from the Folkestone Museum.  We were able to hold: teeth, skulls, a doll, a brooch, coins and chain mail.