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Puffin Class blog

Here are some photos of things we have learnt in the past two weeks.

This is a summary of what we have learnt in the first three weeks of this term.



We learnt that an obtuse angle is more than 180 degrees and less than 360.

The angles in a circle add up to 360.

We learnt why angles in a triangle add up to 180 degrees.

Acute angles are less than 90 degrees. 

Then four angles we need to remember are Right angle - 90, Obtuse angle between 90 and 180, Reflex - more 180 but less than 360 and acute - less than 90. 



I know Dick Turpin and Tom King were famous Highwaymen. 

I found out that Highwaymen were actually women!

Highwaymen could be good or bad.

We wrote a non-chronological report about them. 



We have been reading a book about Ecosystems. I found out Greenland is in North America.



I know Ocean in French is L'ocean



We learnt about the risks of taking drugs and how they affect people's behaviours and body.



This week we learnt about Danelaw and Danegeld. Danelaw was area given to the Vikings and Danegeld was the payment given to the Vikings. 



We have been ;earning about totem poles and what they mean. 

We have also designed our own totem poles. 

Yesterday, we did some Sun art with pastels. 



In PE, we have been doing Rounders and Athletics. 



With Buster, our guitar teacher, we have learnt some of the theme songs from different films and also some music from different countries. We learnt how to play Darth Vader, Mission impossible and Pirates of the Carribean.