Lady Joanna Thornhill (Endowed) Primary School

Learning for the Head, Heart and Hand


Lady Joanna Primary School are a Rights Respecting School who have earned their Silver Award. (February 2020 & reaccredited Summer 2023) 

At Lady Joanna, we believe it is essential for all children to know their rights and understand them as part of the UN Conventions for children. (UNCRC) All children have the right to know their rights and that is why we are a Unicef Rights Respecting School.

Rights are taught through weekly assemblies and PSHE lessons. The children are encouraged to talk about their rights with the article number and link their rights to learning in other areas of the curriculum. For example, in Year 4, one  one of the texts we use for writing is The Boy at the Back of the Class. Many themes addressed in this book link to the children's rights. 

    The school council have chosen five Rights that they feel they enjoy at Lady J.

    These are the RIghts that are linked to our school rules.

    In our curriculum design, we have linked our learning about our Rights with our PSHE curriculum which focuses on six themes throughout the year. Here are some examples of the links we have made.

     As a Rights Respecting School, we are participating in OutRight 2023/24. This year's theme hopes to empower children and young people to learn how climate change threatens children’s rights and how we can protect them!


    We have looked at innovative ways that children’s rights are being protected from the impacts of climate change through adaptation and campaigning for climate action. 


    So far, we have done lots of learning about climate change and how it has effected children's rights. This term, we are beginning to think of some climate action solutions and will be campaigning in our local area in the summer! 

    World Children's Day 2022

    On the 20th November, it was World Children’s Day which is UNICEF’s annual day of action for children, by children. From climate change, education and mental health, to ending racism and discrimination, children and young people raised their voices on the issues that matter to their generation and calling for adults to create a better future.  

    The 2022 Theme is Inclusion, for every child. In our classes, we did an assembly where we had to think about our wishes for every child. Please read some of our ideas below.  

    Year 2 - Rabbits 

    • I wish for every child to have enough money. 

    • I wish that all children in poor countries had clean water. 

    • I wish that all children had medical care. 

    • I wish that all children had water, food and money. 

    • I wish that all children had loving parents. 

    • I wish there was no poverty. 

    • I wish that all children had homes. 

    • I wish that all children could be taken care of. 

    • I wish that all children were friends. 

    • I wish that all children could have healthy food. 

    • I wish all children had a car. 

    • I wish that all children could have an education. 

    • I wish that all children had a safe place to play. 

    • I wish that there was a cure for cancer for children.  

    Year 2 – Squirrels 

    Squirrels wish that 

    • all children should be treated the same. 

    • everybody should be able to go to school. 

    • everybody should be able to have fresh water. 

    • everybody should feel happiness. 

    • everybody should have the same amount of food. 

    Year 4 – Parrots 

    • End discrimination for every child. Charlie 

    • We need fun for every child. Kirsten 

    • A safe place and safe parents for every child. Lyra 

    • A nice life and not aggressive parents. Pippa 

    • No more discrimination for children. Gilbert 

    • Health and education for every child. Alanna 

    • An education for every child. Marcus 

    • Education and to end racism for every child. Emanuel 

    • Safety and a family for every child. Fahema 

    • Water for every child. Harley 

    • Safe place to live for every child. Taha 

    • To not be judged or discriminated against for every child. Josh 

    • A family for every child. Emilia 

    • A safe place to live for every child. Maisie 

    • A family for every child. Cristian 

    • A life for every child. Ava 

    • A safe place and a have family for every child. Charlotte.  

    • Healthy food and water for every child. Hunter 

    • Green spaces for every child. Thomas  

    • Creativity like drawing and video games for every child. Georgie 

    • Go to school for every child. Megan 

    • Education for every child. Elijah 

    • Food, water and a home for every child. Lilly 

    • Rights for every child. Bethany.  

    Year 4 - Kingfishers 

    • A home and family for every child – Mollie 

    • Food and water for every child – Lucca 

    • Enough money to buy what food they need – Enzo 

    • Beds and other things that protect all children like access to education – Archie 

    • Health care for every child and to be with their family – Zuha 

    • Enough money for a house, safety from war in their countries and no bullying for every child– Leon 

    • No war for every child and the right things they need to live 

    •  – Eddie 

    • Protection from war for every child – James 

    • Education, going outside to play and fun for every child – Osakpemehe 

    • Warmth, clothes and reading for every child – Lexi 

    • The right to have a fair life for every child – Sully 

    • Make sure every child has enough food – Charlie P 

    • Enough clean water and a safe environment for every child – Rupert 

    • Shelter for every child – Erin 

    • Safe school for every child – Jack 

    Year 5 Swifts 

    • Ellijah For people to have a home that is safe and comfortable to live in. 

    • Annabel To be taken seriously. 

    • Darcy The right to have clean clothes. 

    • Emily That everyone has a safe place to live. 

    • Boaz They should all have the right to education and schooling. 

    • Henry To have a houes or safe place to live. 

    • Gae To have luck, love and friendship. 

    • Bethan To have a house and be safe.  

    • Logan To have a safe place to live. 

    • Nevan To have entertainment. 

    • Fleur To ensure everyone can achieve their dreams. 

    • Elsie To have food and water.  

    • Hugo To have different foods. 

    • Isaac That everyone is treated with respect. 

    • Eleanor To be healthy and have medicine if you are poorly. 

    • Jessica To have someone to care for you. 

    • Tate To have a safe home with people who care for you 

    • Edward To have someone to live with who they trust.  

    • Yasmina To have at least one friend.  

    • Kimmy To be around other children and have time to play and have fun. 

    • Thomas To be able to express yourself and have your voice heard. 

    • Violet To have their voices heard 

    • Sai To have enough food, and food that is healthy. 

    • George To have friends. 

    • Emily To have clean water. 

    • Dexter To have friends and be able to keep in touch with family. 

    • Ujin To have a safe house and nice parents.  

    • Evan To be able to live with family, and see other family members like cousins. 

    • Florence To be able to play. 

    Year 5 - Puffins:  

    For every child to: 

    • Live in a world with no negative climate change. 

    • Grow up in a world with world peace. 

    • Not be separated from their families- unless it’s in their best interest. 

    • Have and know their own rights. 

    • Have special opportunities, like being part of a sports team or going on a school trip. 

    • Wear what they want without being bullied or told off e.g. boys can wear dresses. 

    • Have their dream job. 

    • Have happiness. 

    • Have their voice and opinions heard. 

    • Be taken seriously and treated well by adults. 

    • Have respect throughout their childhood. 

    • Choose their own path in life 

    • Not live in poverty. 

    • Not be hungry for more than 3 hours. 

    • Be loved by friends and family. 

    • Be treated fairly! 

    Year 6 – Woodpeckers 

    • Every child should have the right to be loved and taken care of. 

    • Access to health care and a safe environment to live in for every child. 

    • Education for every child. 

    • The right to have Rights for every child 

    • The right to local organic food and fresh water for every child. 

    • Protection from war and violence for every child. 

    • Freedom of moment and a range of opportunities for every child. 

    • The right to rest and play for every child.