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Parent and carer visits

When your child enters school, hopefully you will have made an appointment and visited the school before your child begins.  In addition, you will have the opportunity to attend an induction evening and afternoon with your child in the term before they start school.  If parents wish, it is also our policy to provide a home visit for pre-Reception children by their class teacher.


It is useful to know:-


  • Other children who you need to register for future years.
  • Medical history.  Any learning, behaviour, emotional or social difficulty or a disability as well as any other information you may feel is relevant, which may affect educational performance such as hearing or sight issues.
  • Family history.
  • In the case of separation, the legal guardian.
  • Playgroup attendance.
  • Lunchtime arrangements.


Parents receive a report on their child’s achievement and progress In the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms followed by a an invitation to meet with your child’s class teacher.  The purpose of the meeting is to discuss in general how the child has settled into the new class and academic year and to answer questions regarding curriculum and the year’s work.  The format of the meeting may vary from class to class and year to year.  For those children involved in the National Curriculum testing arrangements (SATs) this will include their scores, which have been arrived at through Statutory Assessment.


We do like to encourage a close relationship between school and home, which we view as a partnership.  However, if at any time you wish to discuss with a teacher or Headteacher particular concerns, please try to make an appointment.  Appointments can avoid the disappointment of not seeing the staff, as they are often involved in after school activities.

The secondary selection process now starts in Year 5, with parents invited to a general meeting with the Headteacher and class teachers to explain the procedures for transfer.  This takes place in the Summer term and is followed by individual interviews with the class teacher and Headteacher if necessary.


As a Headteacher I would urge you to contact me if you are unsure or uneasy about your child’s progress or happiness in school or aspects of the curriculum.