Lady Joanna Thornhill (Endowed) Primary School

Learning for the Head, Heart and Hand


Welcome to the Parrot class page!

Miss Llewellyn is the class teacher and Miss Weller, Miss Ashdown and Mrs B are the brilliant teaching assistants. 

Please look below to see what we have been doing in class. 

Week 4 - Class Learning Reflection Blog


On Wednesday 29th June, we travelled by coach to Reculver to see the Roman Fort and look at some marine animals.

First, we went to up to the ruins of the Roman Fort. There we learnt that the Fort used to be much bigger but the sea ‘ate’ the Northern half of it. We could see lots of fields but we were told that the fort used to be surrounded by the sea and the Wantsum Channel.  Then, we did a Geocaching treasure hunt where we used a compass to find hidden lunch boxes which included clues to tell us what would have been in those places 2000 years ago. For example, we found clues that said there would have been a church, headquarters and an east gate within the fort.

Next, we went down onto the beach. There we went rock pooling and learnt about the marine animals that lived there, what they ate and how they survived. We found things like sand hoppers, crabs, coral, sea anemones, oyster shells, seaweed, jellyfish, spider crab shell, mermaid purses and limpets. We found out that crabs actually eat sand hoppers! It was really fun to be able to go in the sea, catch crabs and hunt for sand hoppers. One of the crabs was squishy which meant it had shed its shell. The tools we used were spades, nets, magnifying glasses and brushes.

Finally, we had lunch, played in the park and went home!

Spring 2 Week 3 


This is what we have been loving learning about this week. Some of us have written about what we enjoyed and some of us have taken a photo. 


Eva - This week I have enjoyed doing PE; Basketball. I have loved drawing my face, it was so so fun! 

Molly - On Wednesdays, I enjoy playing Ukulele with Miss Edmundson and I have enjoyed reading poems and songs. 

Bronwyn - What I am most proud of is when we were doing Art. In Art, we were drawing our faces. Mine I don't think really looked like me because of the hair. We did this on Tuesday. 

Khadija - I liked the body percussion we did this week in music because it was really fun and we got to make our own music with our body. 

Annabel - This week, I enjoyed doing basketball because I was with my friends and it was fun. 

Emma - What I liked most about this week was when we wrote down the notes with all the people on my table. It was so fun. 

Grace - In the week, I really enjoyed going to a hockey tournament with my sister Martha, Brookes, Bronwyn, Thomas W and Thomas B. I was thoroughly impressed because it was Brookes's first time playing hockey and he scored more than 1 of the winning goals which is AMAZING to me! 

Thomas - I really enjoyed hockey we did on Tuesday with Miss D. 

Martha - I have enjoyed going to the hockey tournament because each team we played was different!! Thanks Miss D! 

Doriane - I have enjoyed when we did our face for our rights display. I think I have learnt a lot about Rights as well as art. 

Emily - I loved the breathing and stretching with Miss D because it made me feel mindful and calm. 

William - I have been really impressed with my music with the guitar and I have been learning and I'm really good at it. I am really good at football my family has been telling me that I am good at it.